Feature request for Foodout

Nowadays we all go through the frenetic pace of life. We rush everywhere, and very often there is no time left to get back home to have lunch or dinner, or even no time to cook. This is where an app called Foodout shines. In this app, you can choose whether you want your food to be delivered to your location or if you will pick it up by yourself. It is easy to choose what do you want to eat from many different categories and make an order. It is very handy to be able to see exact times till your food arrival and price of the delivery.

Even though this app seems like the perfect one for your lunch, dinner or even breakfast, there are some limitations. Foodout is currently available only in three biggest cities in Lithuania — Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipėda. That is why I would like to suggest to include more cities, as the restaurant-chains very often have the same restaurants not only in the biggest cities, but also in smaller ones. It would be very useful to be able to order food not only in just three biggest cities in the whole country.

Another limitation this app has, is that it is Lithuanian-only. So that means, that foreigners that come to this country just could not use this super-handy app to taste the best food, for the best price nearby.

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