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App Fixers is an initiative to track all the major changes in mobile SDK & 3rd party tools. Hence improving the quality & stability of mobile applications.

We are a small team of mobile developers working with startups & SMEs for their mobile application needs. We have built App Fixers, a digest which lists all the changes in App Store, Play Store guidelines, 3rd Party Integrations, major platforms & SDKs.

In current App ecosystem we use lot of third party services, controls and SDKs. e.g, Social Login with Facebook, Phone Login with Digits or Firebase, Backend as a Service Parse (Facebook discontinued this service in January), Analytics tools, Advertising SDKs etc.

These services, SDKs and integrations get updates all the time to improve their performance & to provide more features.

Sometimes these platforms & SDKs have major changes or witness shutdown of services, that creates a panic situation for App owners.

Pre-dominantly our customer base at mobile studio were startup founders or SMEs. They usually don’t have anyone to take care of these major changes. Lot of app owners don’t prefer to pay for maintenance & support contracts either. Hence, it creates panic situation when some major SDK decides to shutdown their service.

App Fixers focus on 3 major things:

  • Weekly updates of major SDKs, Platforms and 3rd party Libraries updates
  • Major updates or time sensitive changes
  • Mass migration or detection tools

We will keep on writing about major changes in App Store, 3rd Party integrations and platforms.

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