The Best free tool to create beautiful screenshots for App Store or Google Play.

Kamal Kant
Aug 17, 2016 · 2 min read

Introducing AppLaunchpad

“Built good Apps. Make great Screenshots.”

In today’s market with ~5K new app releases & countless app updates every day on App Store & Google Play, making screenshots has become a tedious task for every app developer. Sometimes they pay a designer or use a paid tool to make screenshots.

But App release iterations are so frequent task, that we felt there should definitely be some simpler & cheaper way to do this.

And that's how we landed up building AppLaunchpad. AppLaunchpad is a completely FREE web tool where you can create beautiful images for your App Store or Google Play page in seconds.

AppLaunchpad is a very simple and easy to use tool which requires no designer skills, just upload your app’s screenshot and with a few clicks your beautiful looking screenshot will be ready in every resolution required for App Store or Google Play page.

Variety of Original & Custom Devices

AppLaunchpad’s screenshot builder provides wide range of Original and Custom Devices for IOS & Android.

Designer Filters

Instagram is not the only one that provides awesome Filters. We have introduced Filters for App screenshot which gives your screenshot designer a touch by selecting the best combination of color, device & text style in one click.

Export in all Devices

Use AppLaunchpad to export your screenshot in every resolution required by App Store.

This is our initial launch & we have many good features lined up for future releases. Sign in here & stay in touch.

Use AppLaunchpad

Contact us:

Ping us on twitter @kama1kant, @NeetuSingh1791 or email us at, to ask anything or to share what you guys think about this.
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A super easy design tool to create stunning App Store…

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