13 Design Wizards You Must Follow to Master UX (Plus 3 Rising Stars)

Credit: Adobe

We’ve tracked down Medium’s finest UX/UI designers so you could learn from the best.

In no particular order.

Nick Babich

If you’re not already following him — you need to. Nick is a software developer, a UI/UX lover, and one of Medium’s top writers in Design. He consistently publishes grade A content and always provides valuable insight.

Julie Zhuo

Need advice from an industry expert? Look no further than Julie Zhuo, product design VP @ Facebook. She leverages her unique past experiences at Facebook to answer her reader’s questions and address common struggles. She’s also a top writer in Leadership.

Anton Nikolov

Anton is a design buff. He shares his perspective on timeless design principles that can be applied across any medium or context. He’s your go-to if you need to brush up on the basics or dive deeper into product design. He’s also a top writer in Design and Entrepreneurship.

Samuel Hulick

Samuel’s killer personality explodes through his writing. He keeps things real, entertaining, and helpful, all at the same time. Not to mention he’s a master of all things user onboarding.


Tiffany tells it straight. Whether she’s talking about design, her experiences, or advice, you can bet there’s no beating around the bush. Her concise writing combined with her design expertise makes any of her content a must read.

She has also gained a top writer status in Design, Self Improvement, Startup, and Life Lessons. Need we say more?

Ben Ralph

Ben runs one of the top design blogs on Medium — onepotprojects. His goal is to share ideas, resources and experience with the goal of promoting discussion and improving educational outcomes for both students and teachers through better design.

All of his content is top of the line and perfect to refer back to if you learn best through guides and/or templates.

Issara Willenskomer

Issara writes (and leads workshops) on the topic of motion and usability. He’s also the founder of UX in Motion. Want to learn from a seasoned industry veteran? Issara is your guy.

Guy Ligertwood

Guy knows the ins and outs of becoming a successful UX designer. Just ask him! He even has tips on pretending to be a top designer. Guy is a top writer in Design, so what are you waiting for? Go follow!

Geunbae "GB" Lee

If you’re a young designer looking to breakthrough the field, Geunbae will show you exactly how to do it. He has covered the topic of structuring your first UX design portfolio, taking advantage of dribbble, preparing for your first UX interview. He even shared his Facebook interview story!

Take notes students, because Geunbae is a great (free) resource to learn from!

Emma Drews

Looking for a source of inspiration? Emma Drews is here for you. She hand picks the most clean and beautiful designs and compiles them in her stories.

Our personal favorite is, “Chat UIs & Interaction Design.”

Joanna Ngai

Joanna is a designer who knows what she’s talking about. Her work covers almost everything you need to know about UX — and then some.

She’s a UX designer @ Microsoft, an editor of multiple Medium publications, AND the author of “UX for Beginners: A practical handbook on the space of user experience design and strategy”.

Jonathan Courtney

Jonathan is the Co-Founder of AJ&Smart and a top writer in Innovation. He’s a mastermind of design sprints and digital product design. If you want the low-down on the nitty gritty of the design process — Jonathan is your expert.

Andrew Coyle

Want to take your design skills to the next level? Andrew can help you accomplish just that. His content is easy to read, practical and will make your products even better.

Who to look out for

After all, experts need to start somewhere.

Ashley R. Smith

Ashley is a woman that wears many hats: UX/graphic design, painter, student and intern.

Her Medium series, “The Cool Summer Intern” is all about her journey as a dedicated, vibrant UX design intern. Whether you’re a student or senior designer, Ashley’s work is sure to give you inspiration and a smile.

Sofia Quintero

Sofia is the epitome of a rockstar CEO. She is the Founder and CEO @ NomNom.it, the easiest way to search, organize and share all your customer feedback in one place. Aside from regularly crushing business, she’s the editor of Hungry for Insight.

Her stories are all about management, product discovery, customers and tech. She also has a UX Uncensored Series. If you wanna know more — go follow her!

Tania Conte

Tania is a remarkable product manager with a stellar background in UX design and research.

Her stories are researched, thoughtful, and opinionated. If you like graphics and charts in your stories — you’ll love Tania’s work. You’ll always take away a valuable lesson no matter which of her stories you read.