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Brad Nickel
Oct 6, 2015 · 6 min read

This is the first shred for the new site, but this is a screenshot based shred. Not enough time to get a full shred together. Hope it helps “someone” at (Who is the Someone?)

So, there’s a new project / task management app every day whether web or mobile or desktop or even just email-based. It’s a bit overwhelming. is attempting to simplify the process and make it easy for anyone to get started and for the most part they’ve done a decent job.

That said, the purpose of this site is to help app creators improve their apps via the shredding process and there were a lot of things I encountered that didn’t make sense. This is brand new and fresh off the press, so you have to give them time, but they really could use a bit more logical approach to the flow. It’s not an app that would work for my needs and many folks on HN said they found it too much like Trello and the other Kanban apps, but it is an interface paradigm that users seem to get, so I think they are on a good path.

Typically a shred will contain tips, ideas, and other information to help shredees make their app better, but this is a bit of a rush job. Sorry…

Let us know what you think in the comments. Did I miss something? Is there something you want in the app? Am I way off base and you just want to strangle me?

Signing up

Another step

That’s a long signup process when you consider the email verification

Now we figure out how it works

Seems simple enough to add a task

Mouseover to see items to change the task. Why not apparent?

Changing the color is tied to priority, but it can also be anything else you want it to be

A lot of steps for a due date choice. Why?

Now another step for due date if I don’t like the time choices

This is what I wanted from the beginning, but now I am 3 clicks in and more to come for a due date.

And yet another to save it

Interface elements seem unnecessary

Color options aren’t great for readability. Lots of narrow scrolling to see comments and attachments.

The interface is really elegant to look at, but usability issues in a number of spots.

No indicators in the tasks

I want to know that there are comments or attachments in each task. Also a “new” indicator would be great.

No differentiator in the navigation at the top. Not a big deal, but a subtle issue.

Lots of confusion on this screen

I can’t get back directly to where I was in the project. Down arrow on profile image should be dropdown, but instead opens this page. Now and upcoming are headings, but look like buttons. Tasks I have due aren’t showing up. Don’t know what Upcoming Days means. Not even sure what this page is meant to be. Easier with dropdown to settings and Sign out.

Drag to completed and is marked completed, but drag back and it’s still completed.

Stays completed when I move back to To do

Colors and priorities are confusing to an average user.

I realize this makes the app very flexible, but not sure necessary. Calling it colors also confusing if not use to the concept. Average users won’t know what to do here and as we see later can screw up everyone’s colors.

I guess if you want a record of completed tasks it makes sense, but adding seems strange.

Interface confusing in terms of ordering columns. These are configuration settings.

Adding a task could be easier and quicker.

The interface is nice for quick task adds, but for configuring them, it is too many steps.

Arrangement of columns confusing

Its my own preference here, but something wants me to do it.

I can reorder the columns

Inviting new users

I should be able to do it here

What am I adding new users too

Tested adding a new user and then logged in as that user

Looks like I have full control of projects.

Need to use Gravatars or other integrations to pull user image.

Devs have made it clear that group functionality is coming soon, so I assume these things will be addressed.

Click on the project as the new member

I get this dialog that is a bit confusing. View is just that. I can’t do anything, but I can view. Join gives me full access to the project. I can do this with any project it seems. No privacy protection for secret projects yet. I am sure that is coming.

I can change everything about the project as a new user

Finally the biggest gotcha for me — Not responsive

I bet an app is coming, but not being usable on mobile without side scrolling is a no go for me. I live in my phone.

Originally published at on October 6, 2015.

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App Shredder

App UX, UI, development, feature, and strategy critiques.

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