9 Things You Should Do This Easter Weekend Instead of Working on Your App (According to the World)

Even the most avid coders need to know when to rest their eyes, scoot back from the desk, and let their app projects simmer on their own for a few hours.

But how should you spend your weekend away from the workspace?

Here are a few suggestions based on Easter traditions around the world:

United States:

1. Eat some marshmallow Peeps

Loved by some, loathed by others, Peeps are inseparable from the Easter scene.

2. Eat ham

Glazed ham, potatoes, and whatever else is on the table — take advantage of a tasty spread this weekend!

3. Buy a pet rabbit for the family and then realize two weeks later that your kids are not prepared to care for an animal and you don’t have the time to do it yourself

Just kidding, don’t do this one.


4. Roll a giant flaming wheel down a hill to ensure a good harvest this year

Yay big wheely fire!

Yes, if a traditional German Easter bonfire just isn’t cutting it, select towns can be found rolling flaming wheels of hay and wood down hills.

If all wheels roll straight down the hill and make it to the bottom, it’s an indication that the year’s crops will yield a strong harvest in the months to come.

Sound questionable? Too bad, it’s just a fact.


5. Share murder mystery stories with your family

What’s cozier than snuggling up with loved ones and watching a movie about a mysterious death? Nothing, according to Norwegians (at least not on Easter).


6. Dress up like a (cute) witch

While this tradition may seem strange to outsiders — and we’d therefore love to frame it as being a uniquely Danish oddity — the truth is that this same tradition exists here in Sweden, too.


7. Create a lamb entirely out of butter for your dinner guests.

If you’re fed up with your regular table centerpieces, the butter lamb might be just what you need.

This polish traditional centerpiece is, yes, made entirely out of butter. And, yes again, it all gets eaten up.


8. Make an omelette out of no less than 4,500 eggs

A couple of clarifications on this one: The tradition typically only takes place in the town of Haux, in Southern France, where approximately 4,500 eggs go into an omelette to feed 1,000+ people. The only explanation for the giant omelette I came across in my research was a story claiming that Napoleon came through Haux and demanded his army be fed when they awoke in the morning, and, eggs being the only readily-available food source, the villagers cooked a giant omelette.

I’m skeptical.


9. Dress up like a skeleton and dance around carrying boxes of ashes

In the city of Verges, Spain, locals parade and dance around in skeleton costumes from midnight until three or four in the morning.

The dance and progression throughout the night is supposed to be a loose reenactment of The Passion/Christ’s death. Spooky.

Of course, if you really want to just make some headway on your app project this weekend, no one around here will blame you. But hey — at least you’ve got options now.

//Happy Easter, from Appademics Magazine!