App Timelines: even more dynamic app discovery!

We just launched a new version of the AppBrain website and app, which contains a new feature called “App Timeline”. The app timeline shows your recent app installs and uninstalls.

AppBrain allows you to share the list of apps you have installed on your phone with others. This is a great way to discover what apps other people have. However, keeping track of changes is not always easy, especially in somewhat longer lists. Also, remembering an app after uninstalling it is hard, as the app list only shows the currently installed apps.


 The new app timelines make this much easier. The AppBrain app keeps track of exactly when you install or uninstall an app. This list is right next to your app list in the “Manage & Sync” section and is automatically synced to the AppBrain website. Naturally, you can choose to make this information private, or to share just your list or just your app timeline on a per-device basis.

Also new, everyone can personalize their AppBrain profile by adding a profile picture and some basic information like location and a description. To make it easy, you can take your photo from your facebook or twitter account, or just upload it from your phone. This makes it more clear who an app timeline belongs to.


 We hope these new features will help you keep better track of your app installs and uninstalls and make browsing other users’ lists even more fun.



 Check out the timeline of my current phone, the Samsung Galaxy S2:



 Happy app discovery,


 Mathijs for the AppBrain team.

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