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AppBrain Automatic Interstitials: easily control ad placement in your Android app

Wouldn’t it be great if you could change when your app shows ads without relaunching it?

Let’s say your app’s installs skyrocket and you want to quickly change which ads are being shown when. Mediation platforms can optimize which ads are shown, but not when they are shown.

AppBrain Automatic Interstitials let you control when your app shows interstitials from the AppBrain dashboard

Today we’re adding automatic interstitials to AppBrain Monetize. Two types of events can trigger an automatic interstitial: returning to the app and starting an activity. On our dashboard, you can control whether these automatic interstitials are enabled.

User-returns-to-app interstitial increases revenue

An automatic interstitial can be triggered when a user returns to your app after flipping to another app. Because most users use the app switcher to flip between apps instead of exiting apps with the back button, the potential revenue of an exit interstitial has become limited.

To supplement the exit interstitial, you can enable the user-returns-to-app automatic interstitial on the “Ad Settings” tab of the dashboard. When you enable this setting for your publisher app, the AppBrain SDK will detect when a user leaves your app for more than a minute and trigger an interstitial when she comes back to your app.

It might feel counter-intuitive to show an ad when a user returns to your app, but it actually works great and big publishers use this principle. For instance, Ketchapp (500 million+ installs!) shows an app-install ad on startup of their apps.

Activity-started interstitial offers more customization options

An automatic interstitial can also be triggered when a user starts an activity. On the “Ad Settings” tab of your publisher app, you can add an unlimited number of class names of the activities that you want to trigger an interstitial.

Setting up the activity-started automatic interstitial on the AppBrain dashboard

Try it out

Both of the new automatic interstitials can be used together. They will show in addition to any calls that you make to the showInterstitial/InterstitialBuilder methods in the SDK. The automatic interstitials are disabled by default and you can enable them on the Ad Settings tab for your publisher app on the AppBrain dashboard.

If you have any suggestions about how you’d like to control your ad frequency, let us know in the comments!

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