One of the most important aspects of modern smartphones is the extensibility through applications, or ‘apps’. Apple’s iPhone platform is well known for it’s tremendous number of applications, well over 100,000.

The Android platform, which is quite a bit younger, has also crossed the count of 20,000 apps recently. Even though this is less than Apple’s iPhone, navigating those apps has become quite a challenge. The only way for a phone owner to select and install apps is through the official “Android Market” application, which only exists on the phone.

A workaround was provided by a number of third-party sites which allowed to browse the android market information from a web browser. The extra space on the screen provides a clear benefit for browsing apps.

However, when it comes to installing apps, clumsy methods such as searching the app again in the market app, or using a 2D-barcode had to be used.

Today we announce the “AppBrain” platform. AppBrain ( allows the user to browse and select apps directly from the web browser and easily install them on the phone with an associated native Android app.

The website offers features like fast and relevant search, popularity lists, changelogs of apps and statistics per developer. On top of that, it specifically makes app selection easier by converting foreign currencies of paid apps, and showing related apps.

The associated app for the Android phone offers a unique functionality to synchronize the installed apps to your user account. After that, a user can install and deinstall apps with single click, share the installed list of apps on facebook or twitter, and build additional lists of apps he is interested in, but doesn’t want to install directly.

See for an example of a shared applist by one of the founders.

This is the initial version of the platform, which includes the core functionality of making app discovery possible on the web. We are working hard on adding new features, especially in the direction of personalized app recommendations and social app discovery.

Please feel free to send us feedback or suggestions at

Happy app browsing,

the AppBrain team!

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