AppLift plugin for Unity

Unity 3D is one of the most popular development tools for cross platform mobile games. Some well known games that are made using Unity are Temple Run, Bad Piggies and Coin Dozer.

To help monetize Unity-based games on the Android platform, we have developed a plugin for Unity which makes it very easy to use the AppLift SDK from within Unity apps. Please follow this tutorial to integrate AppLift with Unity.

We have tested the Unity integration of the AppBrain interstitial with a number of partners in the field. One of them noted “Your plugin has got to be one of the easiest to use plugins I’ve ever used with Unity.” You can see the plugin in action in the awesome GnarBike game:

GnarBike Trials for Android on AppBrain

Using the AppLift banner ad format from within your Unity app is also easy if you’re already using Admob banners. If your Android app has the AppLift SDK integrated as explained in the page above, you can add AppLift to your Admob mediation settings as detailed on

We hope this plugin will bring AppLift’s user-friendly monetization to more apps on the Android platform, such that developers are provided with greater financial means to continue developing great apps and games.

The AppBrain team.

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