Change your wallpaper and send links to your phone with AppBrain

Do you have an image on your computer you would like to use as a background wallpaper on your phone? Or you just found an interesting article on the web and would like to send it to your phone to read it on the go?

Today we launched an update to the AppBrain app and website to make these tasks very easy:

  • To change your phone’s wallpaper go to, use the “Set Wallpaper” link on the right, and copy the URL to the image in the dialog box or upload the image from your computer. After saving it will immediately install the wallpaper on your phone.
  • You can also share the image with others by adding it to the public gallery of images:
  • Sending a website is just as easy: Copy the link from the address bar into the text box and click the ‘Send’ button. In case of a link, it will immediately open the website on your phone, and otherwise it will copy regular text directly to the phone’s clipboard.
  • To uninstall an app, just click the “Uninstall” button as before. With today’s update this will immediately open the uninstall dialog on your phone and you just need to confirm.

To enable these new features please install the latest version of the AppBrain app and sync once, then you are ready to go.
The direct updates of wallpapers, links and uninstall actions require the phone to run Android 2.2 (it makes use of the C2DM framework). Older phones are supported as well, however you need to sync in the AppBrain app to update the background you selected or to receive the URL you sent.


Uwe for the AppBrain team

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