Cheaper app promotion in many countries

Promoting your app at AppBrain has become cheaper for many countries in the world. It is time to set up your new campaign

Today, we have adjusted the minimum CPI bid prices for over 150 countries around the world.

For 144 countries the minimum CPI bid has gone down. For many of these countries we found that $0.20 per install was not competitive and therefore we lowered the price to $0.15 or $0.10. This means that for the same budget you can now get up to twice the amount of installs in countries like India, Morocco, Egypt, Ghana, Ecuador, Algeria, Venezuela and Iraq. This is a great way to boost your organic Google Play ranking worldwide.

For 10 popular markets in Europe, Middle East and Southeast Asia, we had to raise the minimum CPI bid. The existing lower minimum bids gave the impression that you could get many installs cheaply. It often resulted in a disappointingly low amount of impressions and installs because competing bids were a lot higher. 

Please be aware that for campaigns that are already running, we will raise the bids for these 10 countries automatically. All other bids remain as before in your campaign. Our bidding system will always charge you the best possible price for these countries, even if you bid higher. You will notice that for many countries the installs will be more towards the minimum price instead of your existing higher bid. You can still change these bids in your AppBrain Dashboard if you like. 

Be aware that the minimum price is often not the average CPI bid price. For some countries you have to bid higher to get a good volume of impressions and installs. Check the full overview of all the current average CPI bids per country

In the coming months we will continue to evaluate the minimum CPI bids to make sure you get the best value for money when you promote your app.
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