Easy installation of Android apps from the web

Today at Google I/O, Google pre-announced a web-based Android market. It will have very tight integration with your Android device, allowing installation of apps on your phone by a single click from your desktop’s browser.

We are very glad to see these developments. With AppBrain we already provide the most seamless experience currently available to find and install apps. We hope that the mechanisms Google will use in their new Market will be open and therefore able to improve AppBrain even further. Currently it is impossible to automatically install an app from the market, it always needs a few clicks from the user.

Unfortunately it is unclear when the new market will actually be launched, and whether it will be available to phones running older versions of Android than the today announced 2.2 (Froyo). In the meantime, we would like to invite you to try AppBrain.

Try our website with fast and relevant search, daily and weekly hot apps, and personalized recommendations now! Also check out the function to link your Twitter or Facebook accounts and discover which of your friends are already using our service and see what apps they have installed!

After syncing with your phone, you can share all the apps you have installed just like Gina Trapani and Leo Laporte did before.

See this great AppVee youtube video to get further explanation of how it works:

Have fun finding, installing and sharing your best Android apps!

Mathijs, AppBrain team

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