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Fast web installer is back!

We are very happy to announce that the fast web installer is back. As you know, AppBrain tries to provide the best experience to find, install and share Android apps. We are grateful for all the excellent press we’ve gotten last week which confirmed that AppBrain is the place to go to for finding the best Android apps and sharing them with friends. Here are two examples:

“And here we have the crowning jewel of AppBrain: (…) app discovery.” [DownloadSquad]
“Android Market website a step forward, still lags AppBrain.” [ArsTechnica]

With fast web installer re-enabled, we’re now again also providing the easiest way to install the apps you want. If you install the “Fast Web Installer” app on your phone, you allow AppBrain to push apps to your phone. In this way, you get the best of all worlds: the awesome AppBrain experience with the convenience of over-the-air installs:


The steps to take to get this on your phone are:

Did you know that you can also do over-the-air uninstalls from the AppBrain “my apps” page when you’re on Android 2.2 or higher? On the my apps page you can also directly upload wallpapers to your phone, or send a link from the internet.

Fast Web Installer for Android on AppBrain

Notice that there are two caveats with the new fast web installer:

- You can not use this to get apps you otherwise would not be able to get. When you try to fast web install an app that is not available in your country or phone, nothing will happen.

- We do not get credentials to the “checkout” service, so it’s impossible that we install paid apps for you.

Happy wireless app installing AND de-installing!

The AppBrain team.




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