How to research Android Developers on Google Play

Mathijs Vogelzang
Jun 24, 2016 · 3 min read

We are happy to announce the new Android developer page on AppBrain! It presents all relevant information about an Android developer in a single place. You can freely access this information for all active developers on Google Play. You can learn interesting stats about your own developer account, and also investigate how your competitors are doing.

The Android developer page provides information about:

  • Key metrics, such as total and recent installs.

To give you a better idea, let’s have a look at the page for developer Google Inc.

Key Metrics

The page starts by giving a quick overview of some key metrics of the developer that are also set in relation to other developers. We see, for example, that Google has been active on Google Play since before 2010, belongs to the top 10 developers with the most installs, and also does fairly well in terms of ratings.

App Portfolio

Several charts and figures shed light on the developer’s app portfolio. To get a quick understanding what the most popular apps of a developer are we added the ‘app cloud’. The ‘app-cloud’ is a visualization that shows all apps of the developer scaled relative to each app’s install count. For Google, we see that there are a couple of apps with more than a billion installs, but that also many of the 133 apps are comparably small.

The overview of the app portfolio is completed by two charts showing the installs and category distributions, and a table that lists various criteria such as average rating, recent installs (i.e. estimated installs within the last 30 days), and more. The table can be sorted with respect to the different criteria, such that you can quickly see the corresponding top apps.

Developer Activity over time

The developer timeline show app launches, updates, and other important events. For example you can see when the developer launched his latest app, or when the developer was most active with launching new updates on Google Play. A bar chart summarizes the activity over time, you can also open a timeline containing all details of the developer’s activity.

Market ranking

At the bottom of the page there’s a summary of how a developer ranks on Google Play. Besides listing the top-ranked apps, we also show the most relevant changes, such that you can easily see which apps have recently climbed up or dropped in the rankings.


To see your own Android Developer stats or your competitors, visit and search for your developer name, or for a developer of interest.


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