Market shares for Android phones and tablets on AppBrain

Researching phone market shares became easier today: AppBrain now shows country distributions for popular Android devices.

Let’s take the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 as examples which are available at and

These devices both have a global market share of a little above 1%, but the country distribution is quite different, with the S8 being popular in Western countries and the Xiaomi dominating in Asia.

Our device pages show the active countries and break down the top 10 versus other countries for free. The full data for every device can be purchased for $100 in CSV format. This will give you a downloadable CSV file and will unlock all numbers on the page and map for the next 30 days.

Our pages also show a metric we call “global distribution”. This is the percentage of users of that device that come from a country. For instance, at the time of writing this article, Switzerland has the highest market share for the S8 (12.6 %, the market share), but these Swiss users only make up only 2.0% of all S8 users. The market share in the USA is lower, at 4.4%, but this makes the USA the country with the most S8 users, with a global distribution of 17.6%.

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