More ad mediation options with the AppBrain AppLift SDK

Low fill rates are often a problem in banner advertising in mobile apps. To make sure that your ad space is filled with ads, you can use a mediation solution. This is a piece of code in your app that automatically connects with a number of ad networks. In this way, when one ad network doesn’t have an ad available for a particular user, an ad from a different network can still be shown instead. Most mediation solutions also allow you to dynamically adjust the order in which networks are used, and in that way you can make sure the most profitable network gets the most of your ad inventory.

Admob mediation is a widely used mediation solution, and since last July we provide an adapter that makes it easy to put AppLift banners into an ad slot mediated by Admob. Today we’re adding support for mediating interstitials as well. In addition, we’re from now on providing adapters that allow you to integrate both AppLift banners and interstitials into MoPub’s popular mediation platform.

To implement this in your app, download the latest AppLift SDK from our github page, together with either the Admob or MoPub mediation jar. Detailed instructions how to set up the mediation are available on our website: for Admob and for MoPub.

We hope this addition will make it easier for developers to monetize their app using the highly successful AppBrain AppLift banner and interstitial.

Mathijs for the AppBrain team.

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