More countries and currencies on the Android market

Since yesterday the Android market for paid apps is finally open to more international developers. In addition, the countries from where apps can be bought will soon be extended to 32. This is great news for both developers and Android users in these countries. The ability to offer paid apps to a bigger audience will certainly increase the number of high quality apps that are launched on the Android market. And with the extension of the number of countries from which apps can be developed, the pool of talent that can develop these apps has grown too.

Unfortunately, it seems Google wasn’t able to lift the limitation that the Android market only shows paid apps in the currency of the developer, instead of in the currency of the user of the phone. This can get pretty confusing: When there are apps that cost 60 Swedish Krones, 1,200 Japanese Yen and 20 Hong Kong dollars next to each other, which one will you choose? 

Fortunately, there is an easier way to browse for apps on the web.

If you’re browsing for apps using the AppBrain Android market site, make sure you choose your currency preference at the bottom of the page. This will convert the price of all paid apps into a currency you’re familiar with.

Happy app browsing,

Mathijs for the AppBrain team.

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