New: Celebrities and user reviews on AppBrain!

Apart from easy browsing for the best Android apps, a great feature of AppBrain is the sharing of which apps you like with other people.

Last week, “This Week in Google”, an online netcast discussed appbrain. Tech celebrities Gina Trapani and Leo Laporte started using AppBrain and made the apps they use and like available online. Gina’s application list page was one of the most trafficked pages on appbrain for the past few days.
Gina commented on her blog how she’s not paying much for apps so far, currently just $7. Check them out for yourself:
Gina Trapani’s list of installed Android apps
Leo Laporte’s list of installed Android apps

To make sharing application lists even more attractive, we’ve added the possibility to add a personal review to every app you have installed. On the “my apps” page, every app now has an “Add Review” link. These reviews will be shown when people inspect which apps you have installed, and are also visible under the app on the individual app page. See the AppBrain market sync application page for an example:

If you actively want to keep your friends up to date on which apps you like (or dislike), the post review dialog has the option to automatically post your review on twitter too!

Have fun sharing and discovering more great Android apps,

Mathijs for the AppBrain team

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