New install tracking and attribution options

Getting the right value out of app promotion campaigns is hard! External attribution platforms can help, as they provide you with deep insights about the value of the users you’re acquiring. As an AppBrain Promote user you can now also use this powerful technique, as we integrated the most used platforms into AppBrain Promote. Specifically, you can now use Adjust, AppsFlyer, Apsalar and Kochava to track installs of your campaign.

Are you not using any of these platforms, but want to use something different? No problem!
You can use the “AppBrain (with clickthrough URL)” option. Any clickthrough URL that ends up at the Google Play detail page of your app can be used. 

This new feature is available on the campaign dashboard under the “Advanced” link. Here you can choose your install attribution option. Please be aware that you first have to integrate the SDK of the external partners, otherwise it is not possible to track the installs and your campaign will stop.

You can read more on the install attribution resource page. Or just dive straight into your campaign in your AppBrain Dashboard to add your preferred tracking option.