New minimum CPI bids for app promotion

Advertising your Android app on the AppBrain ad network is one of the best ways to get more users. You only pay for actual installs, you can set up your campaign in less than 5 minutes, and you receive realtime feedback.

The minimum price for an install has always been $ 0.20 since we launched the AppBrain ad network over 5 years ago. The actual install price is frequently quite a bit higher, as is visible on our daily updating CPI per country page. For instance, campaigns in most English speaking countries rarely generate installs for under $ 1.00.

We noticed that many new advertisers still try to advertise apps at $ 0.20, even in countries where this will lead to no impressions. We will start enforcing higher minimum CPI bids for relevant countries on September 14th. This will get campaigns running faster and reduce disappointment. We’ve divided countries into 3 tiers. The table shows what the new price is per tier and which countries this applies to.

  • Tier 1: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia,
    Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Switzerland,
    Taiwan, Japan, South Korea
    Minimum bid: $0.80
  • Tier 2: Austria, Finland, France, Hong Kong, Ireland, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Qatar, Singapore, Slovakia, South Africa
    Minimum bid: $0.50
  • Tier 3: All other countries
    Minimum bid: $0.20

Note: these are the minimum bids. Competitive bid prices will still be higher in many countries. If your app has a large download size, you will have to bid higher to compensate for the reduced conversion rate of large apps.

This change will take effect on Wednesday September 14th. If you have campaigns running at prices below the new minimum, you have a few options. In the campaign settings you can either increase the bid or turn the campaign off in the countries where you don’t want it to run anymore. After 1 week, on September 21st, our system will automatically apply the new minimum prices. You will receive an email about which campaigns are affected.

Happy advertising!

The AppBrain team