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Refer others to AppBrain and make money

The AppBrain app promotion system is one of the best ways to promote your Android app or make money with your app as a publisher. Recently we’ve been thinking about ways to let even more developers experience the efficiency and power of this system. As there are a lot of successful advertisers and publishers on the the AppBrain app promotion system already, we’d like to reward them for spreading the word to fellow app developers.

Starting today, if you’re on the AppBrain dashboard you can get a personal affiliate link through which you can refer others. When another developer signs up with AppBrain through your link, we’ll pay you 50% of whatever that developer spends or earns on our system during his first 30 days.

Screenshot of the affiliate page in the AppBrain DashboardSo let’s take an example: you know somebody who’s just about to launch her new Android game and wants to promote her app around the launch for $1,000. If you’re the one who refers her to AppBrain, you will get $500 added to your earnings payout at the beginning of the next month.

Similarly, suppose you refer a friend who has created a couple of apps and you’re telling him about the AppBrain AppLift interstitials and banners. When he signs up through your affiliate link, and he earns $500 in his first month, you will get $250 too.

Note that the affiliate program has no impact on the costs or earnings of the people you refer, all the extra money comes fully out of AppBrain’s pocket!

If you’re signed up at our dashboard already, you can find your personal affiliate link at the following page:

If you want to learn more about the AppBrain services for developers go to or

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