Run multiple campaigns to promote the same app

Super simple campaign setup has always been a key focus of AppBrain promote. However, we may have overreached a bit by tightly coupling an app promotion to a single campaign that contains all settings. This limited the flexibility of your reporting and setting of budgets.

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” [Albert Einstein]

It is now possible to start more than one campaign for the same app. This greatly enhances the flexibility of your campaign setup. Depending on your goals, there are many possible ways to take advantage of this. To name a few examples: you can build individual campaigns for various regions you’re interested in to get easier reporting on the campaign overview screen. This will also allow more fine-grained budgeting options than was possible with a single campaign. Or you can use different campaigns to test the impact of different CPI bids, different titles.

The results of these different campaigns can be easily compared in your campaign reports. This gives you more insight on how to improve your conversion by changing your campaign settings.

You can create new campaigns in your Campaigns dashboard. To make your life easier we have added the feature to “import settings” from previous campaigns to each campaign. In that way you can set up multiple campaigns in a matter of minutes.

Go to your AppBrain Dashboard to start creating multiple campaigns.