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Mathijs Vogelzang
May 30, 2012 · 2 min read

For Android developers, there are lots of tools available on the internet to help build their Android apps. There are many different companies offering solutions to put advertisements into apps, many ways to connect with social networks, and even more third-party libraries to perform a particular task, like analytics, communicating with a server, or keep track of when an Android app crashes.

Up until now, good information about the relative popularity of these different options was hard to find. Is Google Analytics or Flurry Analytics most commonly used for analytics? Admob is the best known ad network, but how common are other ad networks and for instance the ad networks that use aggressive advertising?
In evaluating a potential third-party library it’s very convenient to be able to see some good example apps that make use of this library. Which apps integrate with the Paypal payments SDK, and which are the most popular apps based on the Phonegap SDK?

With the launch of Android Library stats on the AppBrain site, we provide a daily updated view on the market shares of ad networks, social SDKs and development tools. The popularity is measured both by the fraction of apps that contain a particular library, and the fraction of installs that contain this library. On the details page for every library, these stats are also available for the top 500 Google Play market apps, and for apps that were launched in the last 30 days.
In addition, the market shares within specific Android market categories can be seen, and the top 10 apps that embed this particular library.

Top apps using AppBrain AppLift

If you’re the developer of an Android library and you want to showcase which apps are embedding your library on your website, you can make use of an embeddable widget code, as shown above for the AppLift SDK.

We hope these statistics on Android libraries are a useful tool for developers and industry watchers by providing transparency on market shares of different libraries.
You can find the latest statistics on this page:

Did you find some interesting information in our stats? Let us know in the comments!

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