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Target specific users with AppBrain’s CPI boosts

Do you ever wish you could target your CPI campaigns more precisely at users who will engage with your app? Or that you can get impressions specifically for users who are more likely to make in-app payments, for instance users on tablets?

This is now possible with AppBrain’s CPI boost rules. CPI boost rules let you change the CPI bid of your AppBrain Promote campaign for specific users, and put your money exactly where it matters most to you.

How do the CPI boost rules work?

You can increase or decrease the CPI (cost per install) bid in your campaign settings for specific types of users. This increase or decrease applies to your original bid for each country in the selected campaign.

For instance: If you bid $1 for an install of your app, a CPI boost of 25% will result in a bid of $1.25 for the defined types of users. A CPI decrease of -50% would result in a CPI bid of $0.50.

There are four different types of users for which you can increase or decrease your CPI bid:

  1. Users of apps within an app category
    A rule of this type applies to users who are using an app in a particular Google Play category when they see your promotion campaign.
  2. Device age
    This rule applies to users whose device has a certain age (<1, <3, <6 and >6 months), based on the earliest installed app on the device.
  3. Device type
    This rule applies to users of a particular category of device (small screen phone, phone, tablet).

We may add more types of rules in the future. Do you have suggestions for which types of users you want to target? Let us know!

More details about how the CPI boosts work and how to set them up can be found on the CPI boost documentation page.



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