The 2010 FIFA World Cup™: track it on your Android

The FIFA soccer world cup 2010 has started today!

The internet provides a huge number of ways to stay up to date. In recent days, a number of sites have paid attention to this great event, for instance the Official Google Blog and Techcrunch.

However, not all internet media pay attention to the potential of Android apps. What’s easier to keep track of the upcoming matches and latest stats than a nice app on your device that’s always right in your pocket?

We want to draw your attention to the great number of Android apps that provides information on the world cup.

A search for “fifa worldcup” returns no less than 90 apps on AppBrain. My personal favorite is “2010 World Cup”. I like that app because it even works without data connection, but your needs may be different. AppBrain makes it really easy to browse all those world cup apps, and lets you figure out which one you want before downloading it to your phone.

We hope you have a lot of fun in these exciting soccer times, and may the best team win!

Mathijs, Software Engineer

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