The Android market becomes social

We’re happy to announce we’ve launched a major update to our Android app today. This update brings the app up to par with the AppBrain Android market website, as it has all the new browse options we launched last month, and presents a nicer UI.

But above all, we added a number of new social features to the app. You can now connect to facebook directly from the app, and find who of your friends has an AppBrain account too and browse their apps. Or browse the AppBrain ‘celebrities’, for instance Leo Laporte, Therevan (Lifehacker’s Kevin Purdy), or Gina Trapani. If you don’t want to make connections, it’s also possible to just share a link to all your apps via email, SMS or a twitter client.

We hope these features make the app discovery process even more fun than it already was! This is only the beginning, as we have a number of exciting features planned to make it even easier to keep up with what apps your friends are installing and liking. So go and update your AppBrain app now, or install it from here if you didn’t have it already.

Mathijs for the AppBrain team

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