The AppBrain Stream: Taking social app discovery to the next level.

Mathijs Vogelzang
Sep 29, 2011 · 2 min read

Discovering interesting apps for your Android device is one of the most popular features of AppBrain. As the leading app discovery system for Android with more than 3 million users, we provide you with a collection of tools to discover great apps: Hot apps of the day, Personalized recommendations, App lists of other users, App search, Related apps, Top Apps by country and demographic, Apps with price drops, and many more.

However all these different options for finding apps can themselves become overwhelming and make finding apps more difficult than needed. We have been working on bringing most of our features together in one single place.

Today we are announcing the AppBrain Stream to make it easier for you to discover and share great apps.

The AppBrain Stream is a personalized feed of application-related news and events.

  1. Install and Uninstall events from people you follow. This allows you to easily see which apps your friends are using.
  2. Personalized app recommendations based on the apps you already like. These recommendations are refreshed daily.
  3. App reviews. You can give an app a thumbs up or down with an optional comment and follow popular app reviewers to see what they reviewed.
  4. Posted messages from people you follow. You can now post messages to your followers, e.g. to start a discussion on what is the best photo app for Android. Any links to apps in a post are automatically recognized such that the basic information about apps mentioned is easily accessible.
  5. Announcements of new app updates from the apps you already have.

All entries in your stream can be liked, shared and commented on, just as you would like or comment on an activity on Facebook or Google+.

An app install can start a conversation

You can login with Facebook and Twitter to automatically connect with your friends from these networks if they are also using AppBrain.

You can also find the most active app enthusiasts in the sidebar of your stream.

Once you follow someone you will see his activities in your stream.

We are very excited to bring social app discovery to the next level, and are curious about your feedback and suggestions. Please let us know.

Uwe — AppBrain Team


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