The top 10 most popular Android search terms, Android apps, and Android phones of 2010

Some people say 2011 will be the year Android is going to explode, but for AppBrain, 2010 was already a huge explosion! We launched the first version of AppBrain back in February. We got overwhelmed by all your positive feedback and the amazing growth in website traffic and number of downloads of the AppBrain app.

Since the launch in February the number of apps in the Android Market grew from 25,000 to 130,000 at the end of December 2010.
We are very proud you are using our service to discover the great apps within this huge collection, and you made us the leading website to discover Android apps. We will keep working hard on your feature requests and on making AppBrain even better in the coming year!

Now we would like to have a look back and share some interesting statistics we gathered over the year.

Most popular Android search terms in 2010

What are the most searched-for apps? The following table shows the top 10 search terms on over the whole year:

  1. skype
  2. angry birds
  3. live wallpaper
  4. launcherpro
  5. root
  6. battery
  7. swype
  8. appbrain
  9. widget
  10. launcher

Half of these search terms are for very popular Android apps. It is very interesting to see that the generic search terms are for apps which are focused on customizing the Android phone, eg live wallpaper, widget and launcher.

Also the search for battery shows that there is huge interest in knowing more about the state of the battery and in tools to extend the battery life time.

Most popular Android apps in 2010

The top 10 apps viewed on AppBrain over the last year were:

Angry Birds for Android on AppBrain

AppBrain App Market for Android on AppBrain

Talking Tom Cat Free for Android on AppBrain

LauncherPro for Android on AppBrain

Barcode Scanner for Android on AppBrain

Skype for Android on AppBrain

ADW.Launcher for Android on AppBrain

Flash Player 10.1 for Android on AppBrain

Handcent SMS for Android on AppBrain

App 2 SD Free (move app to SD) for Android on AppBrain

The success of Angry Birds is amazing, especially considering that “Angry Birds Seasons” just didn’t make it into the top 10 as it was placed at 11.

Most popular Android phones in 2010

The 10 most popular Android devices among all the AppBrain users in 2010 were:

It is great to see that the most popular phones are quite powerful and run Android 2.1 or higher. This allows to develop more powerful apps for the users and less extra effort for the developers to support outdated platform versions.

Hopefully there will be Gingerbread, dual core, and tablet devices in this list next year :)

We wish you a happy new year and hope that 2011 will be another great year for Android!

Mathijs & Uwe

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