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The top words in Android app titles

The most frequently occurring words in iOS app titles were published in a report by AppsFire yesterday. As Android app discovery is at the core of what we do at AppBrain, we decided to compile a list of top title words for Android apps and compare that list to the one from iOS.

The most frequent words in Android app titles are:*

  1. 26900: wallpaper
  2. 23761: live
  3. 16283: free
  4. 9436: theme
  5. 8291: lite
  6. 7896: pro
  7. 5692: app
  8. 5500: mobile
  9. 4718: news
  10. 4355: lwp
  11. 4179: sms
  12. 4135: widget
  13. 3945: game
  14. 3864: guide
  15. 3622: calculator
  16. 3601: clock
  17. 3369: 2012
  18. 2919: radio
  19. 2720: android
  20. 2661: bestpuzzle
  21. 2597: quiz
  22. 2593: launcher
  23. 2549: love
  24. 2377: puzzle
  25. 2322: english

Words that occur in the top list of both operating systems are marked in bold and can be regarded as “generic” words for mobile app titles. More interestingly, many of the top words that are unique to Android really point to features specific to the Android platform: live wallpapers (also abbreviated as lwp), easy theming, desktop widgets and a customizable clock and launcher.

We provide more statistics about the Google Play market on a continuous basis on the AppBrain stats pages.

Happy weekend,
Michael for the AppBrain team

* This is a holistic view on the roughly 500K apps in the Play store, not a sampling, obviously :)



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