Benefits Of Pharmacy Online Delivery App — Ideal Steps To Customizable Features

Lori Caricofe
Jul 17, 2020 · 9 min read

2020 is the year of transformation!

Presently, startups are drivers of changing the distribution patterns for everything we take, from food to media and now medicine. So, setting up an online pharmacy store is one of the significant options where you just not fulfil your entrepreneurial dreams but also get the satisfaction of helping others lead a healthy life.

With more and more pharmacy businesses opting to go digital, it not just keeps their business all going; indeed it’s flourishing. The upsurging number of the Global ePharmacy market valued approximately $42.32 billion dollars in 2019 and is predicted to grow by $107–53 by 2024. The indispensable factor driving this growth is the increasing use of smartphones and the internet.

All thanks to the internet and app development company that made us trust e-commerce and simultaneously made it the new acceptable norm to do online shopping. But did you think how it really compares to actually walking to your local pharmacy and purchasing your prescribed medicine?

Surely, there will be the traditionalists who would never go for trading this experience for the digital version. Here I have shed some light on the advantages, scope and development of apps for buying medicine online from a pharmacy and also find the answer to the question “Is The Road Rocky Ahead or A Smooth Drive?”

But, before we get started with advantages and development process of a medicine delivering app, let us get a close synopsis of the potential of business industry for ePharmacy

Potential Of Epharmacy In The Business Sector

The rampant adoption of e-commerce has assisted ePharmacy to allure a behemoth audience based in both developed and developing countries. Also, according to the world population prospects, approximately 2.05 billion people of the total population opts for eCommerce for the procurement of necessities and commodities out of 7.8 billion people.

The digits rose surprisingly from 1.32 billion in 2014 and anticipated to reach 2.14 billion by 2021. Besides, there are some countries where nearly 70 to 80% of internet users make purchases online for their daily needs and luxuries, and online medicine delivery is one among the many.

As already known, online medicine delivery app minimizes the dependency of the elderly citizens and ill patients towards the concerned person. The app delivers the ordered medicine and healthcare supplies at customer doorstep with an integrated system of online payment.

Are you still wondering about the need for online pharmacy?

The present situation is the perfect example of the world during the epidemic of Coronavirus. People are locked down in their homes and forbidden to step out to stop the spread of novel Coronavirus. Even, the government has allowed eCommerce to be more active. This made people incline to bulk buying of medicines, sanitizers and other healthcare supplies from pharmacy delivery apps.

This positive growth of the ePharmacy market and number of internet users, states that there is a rising demand for e-prescriptions technology along with on-demand delivery services. All-in-all they are going to give rise to the need of hiring app developers in Dubai with profound skills and keeping room for innovations that make the app a huge success in the future.

As by now, you are familiar with the insights of the online medicine market, let us jump to the point without any further ado.

All your ears here!

Advantages Of Online Pharmacy Delivery Services

With the time we all take steps to self-quarantine and socially distance ourselves from others, it comes as no surprise that delivery services are seeing an upsurge in business. So, lets unfurl the benefits it brings to the users amid the pandemic.

Indeed it’s unethical to take in the sight of cost for medicine because it’s not merely just a product, but this must be factored into the argument. So, if by chance you take a look around the multitude of online pharmacies that presently advertise on the web, you will for sure witness a wide range of disparity amongst their process for what is necessarily the same drug.

Conventionally, even the expensive drug will be much cheaper than your traditional brick and mortar store pharmacy could think of matching.

The core reason for this is clear and straightforward to understand. If you have ever experienced running a business from the physical space, then you would realize how costlier the deal can be. The aspects worth paying attention is not just the cost of buying or renting the property, but you also need to factor in the price of bills and actually to pay for your staff physically present there to run the shop. Also, business costs are an added issue and what happens when repairs knock your door?

So, it’s high time to compare the online entity with a physical brick and mortar store, and soon you will realize why those prices vary significantly. Okay, some of the renowned pharmacy stores are offering the bottleneck competition than the independent ones. Still, you can mark a significant difference by aligning with the best mobile app development company for your app, providing everything under one umbrella.

This one is unskippable in context to cost as the two main advantages of purchasing medicine from an online pharmacy. Firstly, for those who are occupied in their online business and lifestyle and don’t have much time to visit the local pharmacy, these are especially helpful.

Next comes, for people who might live a distance apart from the pharmacies or perhaps the elderly or infirm that are no longer able to travel on their own. So, being able to order prescription medicine from the comfort of your own home is, for sure, a better option than the alternatives for the elderly ones.

Hence, the day of waiting in the long queues and thinking about the entire process is a waste of time because some clerical issues are pretty well over. Just think of making the tiring journey to your nearest shopping complex just to find that you have actually lost the paper that your prescription was written on?

Sounds annoying!

But, these things are of the past. With the inception of pharmacy delivering the app, things changed, and all thanks to experienced and innovative app development in Dubai to make the thought of tomorrow a reality.

Benefit 3: Effortless Delivery and A Simple Ordering Process

With the right development team it provides a quick delivery and simple ordering process, helping you to avoid the hassle of a long waiting period also. Once you are registering and place your order, then further the prescribed medicine will be checked and if approved, the treatment will be sent the same working day to the user.

In addition, you don’t have to be concerned if you don’t have a prescription, your app can provide you a consultation with the doctor and the complete medicinal process.

Let us understand how online pharmacy delivery proves helpful in instant situations. Oxford online pharmacy intends to use the latest technology in the best way, to improve the health and well being of the patients and the one in need. The health professional related to the app will evaluate the patient’s condition with a series of questions and then proceed accordingly for the treatment.

Even there is more.

The right mobile app development company makes sure the health professional will evaluate your condition the right way with a series of questions, and they will approve a suitable prescription for you. Your user will benefit from the instant access to a pharmacist and GP through phone, e-mail or live chat; even images can also be uploaded with the special request.

To make your app a success ensure it offers conventional healthcare and medicines in the UK, putting forward instant access to expert advice, services, professional doctors and pharmacy staff. This signifies that your users can order prescriptions and non-prescription treatment through the app from your workplace or home, and not have stepped out to the chemist shop.

Also, to the online doctor service embedded in your app providing consultation over the web and different health tests, your app strives to provide the necessary information about medicine, healthy ways to stay away from disease and carry a good lifestyle.

Many people may feel a little more comfortable purchasing their treatment online, or simply want to discuss with a professional about the health constraints and prescriptions over the phone, rather than in person.

This means that the app helps you discreetly purchase potentially embarrassing products, for example, weight loss, hair loss, STD’s or erectile dysfunction treatments. As you would be expecting, the packaging and billing information is discrete too, making sure your peace of mind.

Essential Features For Taking Your Online Pharmacy App Online

The array of right and exclusive features, making your app stand out in the myriad choice is imperative in today’s world. Adding on, you will know what features a medicine delivery app must have is necessary along with integrating it in your app with the help of reliable app developers in Dubai to help you enhance your app’s functionality.

  • Features That Are User Friendly
  • Registration & Login
  • Easy Search for Medicines
  • Seamless Add to Cart option
  • Comparison Of Products Choice
  • Place Order Easily
  • Easy Tracking Of Order
  • Hassle-Free Return Order
  • Product Overview & Insights
  • Push Notifications and Pop-Ups
  • Online Payment option
  • Easy Re-Ordering option
  • Discount Coupons & Rewards
  • In-app easy Communication
  • Review & Rating
  • Customer Support and Feedback

Features That Are Partner’s Friendly

  • Hassle-Free Registration & Login
  • Manage Store Details
  • Manage Product Details
  • Show Similar Products
  • Price Management
  • Analyse and Evaluate Review & Ratings
  • Order Management
  • Delivery & Shipment Management
  • Discount & Reward Management

Features That Are Controller FriEndly

  • Monetization strategy to manage in-app purchases or subscription plans.
  • Dashboard
  • Payments methods and management
  • Pharmacies management
  • Notification management
  • Managing delivery partners
  • Marketing tools (campaigns, email templates and advertisements and lot more to the list)

Another Feather In Your App’s Hat

Here are some added features with fully customizable and rich features. Have a look!

Integrated Chatbots: Integrating the new trendsetter in customer service, “chatbots” are necessary for your online pharmacy app. So, don’t wait for the upgraded model for integrating chatbots, indeed ask mobile app developers in Dubai right away about this feature to offer users an indispensable reason to use your app.

As it solves user’s queries about medicine if they come up with any real-time issue, chatbots are always there to assist them right. They are machine learning algorithms based on Artificial Intelligence technology that are used to provide clients with in-depth information on their doubts.

Instant Delivery Flag: This feature allows users with at the moment delivery choice for the medicine or within one day. Moreover, it provides one-day service to the urgent delivery of flagged orders. You can also put an extra charge on one-day delivery service or for the instant deliveries in case of emergencies.

Prescription Orders: Let your users scan and upload the prescription by your medicine delivery mobile app and pharmacist view and advice for the right medicine. The feature makes the order process faster and efficiently.

Multiple Payment Options: Not everyone uses the digital payment the same way. There are many other ways such as Google Pay, stripe, Paypal you can think of integrating in your app according to your audience needs and preferences.

Social Sign-In: It’s one of the most popular and quickest ways to get your user registered on your app is by allowing them to sign-in using their social accounts. It saves exponentially on time to bridge the details of the user along with an app where it’s easy to fetch the information and features from the linked account.

The Right Blend Of Security & Legal Compliance For Your App

As it’s about the medicine delivery startup business, this step is critical to understand before starting the medicine delivery app. Pharmacy or drug license is essential to start an online medicine delivery business.

State or Central drugs standards control Organizations provide Drugs and Pharmacies license to only pharmacy diploma or a certified person. Also, you need to have trained pharmacists on-board to get the permit and commence your online pharmacy delivery business with the best team from mobile app development companies in Dubai, UAE.

In The End…To shape your medicine delivery to stand out in a million choices, you will search for a trusted and experienced mobile app development company on Clutch and Glassdoor. But, to help you right away to hire a professional medicine delivery app development company like Xicom Technologies that have a proven track record in creating a high-performing and interactive app is the ideal choice.

Start with a short tour of your pharmacy online app with your Free Project Discussion to abreast the competitive edge.

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