Cost and Feature Analysis To Develop An App Like Deliveroo

Have you been a restaurant owner or planning for another app like Deliveroo in the market, the gospel truth is — time couldn’t be better!

So, if you are brainstorming to build a mobile app like Deliveroo or planning to take your food venture to the next level, there are some considerations you need to look before you start developing your app.

As you know, the idea of food delivery isn’t new. Some days, a crime show marathon accompanied by some Italian delivery is all that you need. Or treat yourself with a pizza after a tedious workday.

But one thing is sure! App development company have revolutionized the conventional approach of on-demand food delivery apps after COVID-19 outbreak.

Earlier, ordering food online was a hot pick of sluggish students, hungry introverts or drained office-goers at the end of the day. Now, it’s more the law. More than six months after the outbreak, food points and restaurants are slowly opening up with strict social distancing protocols.

One thinks “Why to go through all uphills when you can just order food with a zero-contact food delivery service provider?”

Thus, restaurants aggregators and food delivery apps like DeliverooApp Development Companies in Dubai are skyrocketing.

So, without any further ado, let’s follow the fore-running food delivery app Deliveroo to have an insight of their background and what factors drive them to success in the highly competitive market?

#Insight 1: What Makes On-Demand Food Delivery App Popular?

Did you observe that food delivery companies like Deliveroo and Uber East have been a prevailing name in the food industry presently — only because of sheer convenience and maximalism they offer.

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Observing this unprecedented rise, it’s worth getting these customers in through the axiomatic door, because once they start using your app, they will repeatedly use it. Also, in a professional study from Mckinsey it was found that 84% of food delivery customers have never or rarely switched platforms.

In today’s fast-paced life, on-demand food delivery apps are a boon for everyone.

/comments/kcsh6c/top_10_promising_ecommerce_development_companies/The on-demand food delivery app is among those techniques that have crafted a platform where customers can easily check on restaurants to quench their needs. But, with rising brand loyalty, there are a handful of unskippable reasons that brace the popularity of online food delivery apps making it an ideal choice for the startups.

Considering the vital role data plays in understanding customer behaviour, enhancing the market, and giving a personalized touch, 43% of restaurant aggregators said they believed third-party apps helped create better client-restaurants relationships.

The hassle-free online food delivery apps eventually modernized customer relationship management and offered all the required services from ordering food to delivering quickly at the customer’s doorstep.

The restaurant owners are looking for the best app developers in Dubai to craft an online food delivery app that skyrockets their business. An online food delivery app is a straightforward and convenient choice to get food delivered at your doorstep compared to the wild calls. Also, 60% of restaurants owners stated that offering on-demand delivery had skyrocketed their sales.

Without a doubt, on-demand apps are integrated with several social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Simultaneously, it offers an excellent platform for seamless business promotions. The other types of online advertisements help in alluring a significant number of people to the app.

In a survey, the customers placing an online order with restaurant are 67% more likely to visit the restaurants than those who don’t use the app. Working with a third-party delivery service has been found to upsurge restaurant sales voluminously by 10 to 20%.

#Insight 2: Challenges To Overcome For Your On-Demand Food Delivery App

You don’t want to be another Delieveroo or UberEats.

The fact is, the market is dominated by flourished brands, which eventually influences how you will need to develop the app. To start, the app needs to check on every request of the audience you are targeting while following the on-demand food delivery model.

Secondly, it requires to be stable and operational, or you will jeopardize your business reputation right from the beginning.

Also, it’s crucial to understand that present Deliveroo is the final product of numerous iterations. Thus, it’s impractical to look forward to a fully-featured app from the very start. You can also have your wishlist, but you will need to decide what will constitute its MVP (Minimum Viable Product) ready to launch. Adhering to these concerns, you will need to consult the best mobile app development companies in Dubai, especially in creating the same food delivery app.

So, having the development team’s hindsight will help you avoid the technical pitfalls related to such a business model.

#Insight 3: Features That Make Deliveroo A Leading Food Delivery App

Without any doubt, people incline to the one that adds utter convenience and comfort to their lives. And, this objective applies to everything right from the live movie streaming apps to the songs listening apps, and the gaming apps to the food we get served at the table.

There are several factors counting behind the wham of food delivery apps like Deliveroo. But, before you ascend with development, it’s worth acknowledging the perfect amalgam of technology integrated in an app like Deliveroo adding a great level of comfort:

On-demand food delivery apps like UberEats use AWS. While Google proves to be a better option for cloud environment, storage and backup.

Integrating your on-demand food delivery app with Google Maps API for Android version and Mapkit for Apple devices adds a feather in your hat.

Deliveroo app uses E-wallets, Apple Pay, Pay Pal, debit/credit cards and payment on cash features integrated within the app.

Mostly, the on-demand app uses Google location API for Android and Core location framework for iOS version. Therefore, GEO tracking features offer you seamless location tracking experience.

To evaluate the performance and analytics of your business, Deliveroo and UberEATS use Google Analytics or MixPanel.

To present the list of the menu according to the location, the developer can use any popular API like Foursquare for their Android or iOS app development.

All In All… The Deliveroo or UberEAT clone app may seem perfect for any on-demand delivery app. Still, the efficiency and performance of the app depend upon your technological partner for the development.

So, before choosing any name to collaborate for your app development, it’s crucial to discuss your app plans and needs.

#Insight 4: Key Elements Defining The Cost Of An App Like Deliveroo

Total Development Cost = Developer’s Per Hour Cost * Total Development Time

While development cost is greatly influenced by your partner app development company, the complications of the app, and other decisive factors, make the initial cost revolves around $70,000 to $150,000. The figure is based on the simple formula:

So, to build a successful app like Deliveroo, the development company needs to create a consumer app and the app for merchants, the delivery personnel, and the admin panel.

Below, is a comprehensive timeline on how the development is executed simultaneously:

Especially for the customer, delivery and merchant apps, at least two proficient developers will be working for iOS and Android app development and the backend development. Each app will take roughly around three months for completion. The other two developers are tasked in creating the admin panel, which takes approximately around 6–8 weeks.

Here’s your detailed cost breakdown of what’s involved in creating an on-demand food delivery app like Deliveroo.

Approx Development Time ~ 750hr -900hrs (starting at $18,750)

The customer app consists of the functionality which allows users to choose and purchase goods from stores and cafes/ restaurants. You can also offer an exclusive list of restaurants as per the customer area or location.

Moreover, all food deliveries can be made as per the customer chosen time slot.

Approx Development Time ~ 700hrs-800hrs (starting from $17,500)

The courier side app includes features dedicated to the delivery person registered in the delivery network. Once the order is placed, it’s allocated to the driver as per the location. Moreover, the experienced mobile app development companies in Dubai integrate features like view order details and delivery status for a seamless journey to both — customer and delivery agent.

Approx Development Time ~ 400hrs — 450hrs (starting at $10,000)

Admin panel is the brain of the app. Initially, it should include everything connected to the app operations like — managing orders, couriers, and customer stores. It’s recommended to proceed with a ready-to-use solution for MVP’s admin side to minimize the development cost. Still, it’s essential to sheath essential parts to the admin panel described in the user story map.

The Final Thought

With mammoths like Deliveroo and UberEats dominating the online food delivery landscape, opportunities are still in abundance for startups or flourished names that would like to slice up the market and reach a bigger audience with their apps.

In this specific niche business model, it’s critically important that you have multiple stakeholders like users, delivery partners, and restaurants. Also, more important is to maintain the balance in delivering value to them all. This is a chicken-egg scenario where you can’t have users with delivery partners and can’t have delivery agents without restaurants and users.

Thus, following this algorithm brings you the importance of partnering with the right app developers in Dubai.

And, if cost is still your concern, I suggest you get actual development cost from your techno-partner after discussing your app idea and features.

Originally published at on February 10, 2021.



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