Event Ticketing Booking App In 2021 For Your Business

Smart technology is disrupting the event industry in a big way.

As all event-planners realize, pulling off a successful event is exceptionally daunting and time-consuming. There are zillions of things you have to take care as an event planner, and event registration is one of them.

Whether you are a rookie or a pro, everyone wants to book tickets for movies, shows, events and concerts effortlessly in a minute. On the contrary, event organizations won’t mind selling behemoth tickets for their events like clockwork. That funnel down to two groups of users in need of using a tool at your disposal to streamline the event management process.

Don’t worry! It’s no brainer.

An efficient event ticketing booking app comes to your rescue. So, without any ado, let’s get down to business, partner with an app development company and craft a successful event ticketing booking app.

The task may sound daunting.

Yes, it is with many demurs on the way — the complexity of the project, bottleneck competition, the necessity to sketch a well-planned promotion strategy and many other things.

However, every problem comes with a solution, and event management is no exception.

Here, I am sharing the secrets straight from the best tech-aficionados’ pen to help you create one successful event ticketing app to produce sustainable revenue. And, it doesn’t matter who you are, event ticketing apps will help you reach a bigger audience, assist with the marketing effort, maximize ticket sales, and facilitate event registration and payment integration.

So, let’s talk about event ticket booking apps and why your business need it.

An Event Ticket Booking App

An event ticket booking app is, quite simply, a platform that allows you to sell your event tickets online. They prove to be exceptionally useful while organizing events that need ticket sales because they help streamline the process and offer many different tools under the same umbrella.

In simple words, it’s a one-stop-shop ticketing solution.

When Should You Use An Event Management App?

The answer is — When you are busy! And, if somehow you are like most event planners always in a horizontal state, you’ll probably be wanting to look at the benefits the app has for you.

1. Choice To Customize

If the conventional registration forms don’t do the trick, hire mobile app developers in Dubai that offer customization choices. No technical expertise needed-simple, drag-and-drop systems to make registration forms an everyday thing.

2. Registration Forms

Event registration apps offer your attendees an easy way to register for your event. They’ll provide event registration form templates that are easy and quick to fill out.

3. Attende Data & Database

Online event registration apps and websites will help you collect attendee data used for later promotions of future events. Many of the apps also offer a way to analyse the data to gain valuable insights.

Also, some apps offer a database of all attendees. In this way, you don’t have to capture their email addresses and other credentials repeatedly.

4. Multiple Currency Support

Your international attendees might be in the mood to purchase their tickets in their native currency. Will you let the option go?

No! A good event management ticketing app will take the hassle out of currency conversion and offer their clients an unforgettable experience.

5. Multi-lingual

If you dwell with a global client base that attracts an international audience, it’s best to offer all the relevant details in multiple languages. Mostly, online conferences sites can easily manage that.

6. Payment Gateways

Nowadays, people prefer using digital payment gateways rather than opting for cash or card. It’s better to integrate reliable payment gateways in your event ticketing app making event registration and payment a breeze.

7. Seats Reservation

Seat reservation is an important aspect to be considered while organizing an event. It’s practical to have a way for them to reserve their seat. You can also include a map in your app’s iOS app development or Android version as per your choice and convenience for the venue seating arrangement.

8. “Copy Event” Feature

This can be an added feather in your hat. Experienced event planners keep on organizing recurrent events leveraging sites to simply copy event data over with a button’s touch to save upon their time exponentially.

9. Slew Of Marketing Tools

The popular choice for event registration and event ticketing app offers a slew of marketing tools you can use to boost your existing tools. Many of these can even be automated to cut on your time and efforts.

10. Email marketing

Considered one of the standard marketing tools offered by event registration apps and websites is “email marketing”. It also offers you with the feature to import pre-existing lists into the system and straightway message your subscribers.

11. A Check On Accounts

Every event planner knows that finances are one of the most significant constraints to keep track of — and notably stick to. It is better to ask your partner mobile app development company in Dubai, UAE, to integrate the accounting feature and the event registration and payment options to simplify the process.

An Overview Of How Event Ticketing App Disrupt Market

So by now you would be ready to create your event ticketing app!

But, before you delve in the development process; the crucial aspect to wonder about is future strategy.

Be prepared for a long struggle; success won’t come to you served. The competition is too high. But, with the right and skilful approach, you will get a high ROI (Return On Investment) — just give it some time!

And, to help you, here are some handful of practical tips to promote your app.

1. The Gamification Element

It’s always a great option to integrate gamification elements when the app is trying to find you a ticket for your favourite symphony concert. An alluring colour transfusion on the screen and a slowly creeping progress bar with the words “We are searching for your access” starts annoying the users in around 20–30 seconds.

But, the game allows you to brighten up the wait.

2. Pay Attention To Google Play and App Store

Remember that getting at the top of the play store for Google and Apple are different. App store has minimum criteria — the number of downloads, search “weight”, and rankings.

Google Play considers more factors, among which are numerous other factors and indicators of user activity within the app. Anyways, take the following steps:

  • Publish a comprehensive description of the event ticketing app. Describe its functionality and benefits of the product.
  • Offer a bright and groundbreaking app name, probably with the use of a key phrase.
  • Publish a promotional app video and also add screenshots.
  • Craft an alluring app icon.

3. Make It As Perfect As Possible

Whether it’s iOS or Android app development, make users a vital part of the project.

But, how to accomplish it?

In the flooded option of ideas, one practical approach is testing the program before launching it. This will provide you with the opinions of interested users and get a real chance to finalize the product in accordance with the wishes of your future audience.

You would be able to attract these volunteer testers by giving them a free access to the paid version.

4. Ask For Comments and Reviews

Welcoming comments and reviews in respective app stores is an important aspect.

Follow a simple track — offer to rate in the program interface and then act according to the situation. If the rate is low, ask the user to write to the respective developer and assist. If the app’s rates highly, redirect him to the store with a request to validate the assessment.

5. Offer Free Installation

Usually, the high costs of event ticketing apps scare the users. So, better to offer your audience a chance to weigh the benefits of your product. For instance, the Pocket DJ developers noticed a 30% decrease in downloads when they put a notification about the premium account at the starting of the activation chain.

But, everything bounced back to normal after placing the notification at the end of the chain.

6. Minimize App Size

According to Scott logic, the minimal app file size is, the more willingly users install it. File size should not be greater than 50MB.

Event Ticket Booking App Features Delivering Business Value

Take a look at two essential sets of features for event ticketing app:

  1. First, for the ones who buy tickets.
  2. Second, the one who sells them.

Let’s uncover the 1st Set Of Event Ticket Booking App.

Here we are uncovering the features of the set who purchases a ticket. So, what set of features will motivative them to use the app more frequently and actively?


Finding the user’s location is an unskippable feature when it comes to event apps and other similar event ticket booking apps. Aligning with the best app development company opens up numerous opportunities, with a chance to offer the user nearby events.

Safe User Account

The personal user account must have all information about the user. If we are discussing commuting ways like aeroplane or train tickets, this may imply passport data. Keep in mind:

  • Safe and secure data protection
  • Integration of social network

Event Details

As you have decided to create an event booking app, remember that the user wouldn’t be satisfied with just buying an “event pass”. Your user would like to open the screen with all the planned event’s details — the time and place of its happening along with duration.

Ticket Search

This will be of use in event ticket booking apps. Without a search filter, you would not be able to search for the ticket. Don’t forget to add filters and search parameters by location, category etc.

List Of All Events

Of course, don’t forget about filtering and sorting events according to different criteria.

Payment Options

Offering users with reliable and seamless payment gateways integrated with the app provides your app with a competitive edge. But, ensure to partner with a mobile app development company in Dubai that takes care of data protection.

Ticket Confirmation

This is a must-have feature of the e-ticketing app. A user chooses the event or concert according to their choices and then moves to make a payment.

Ticket Management

When a user purchases a ticket, the next thing they’ll be doing is managing it — print his ticket, download it in the PDF format, send an email, sell or present while charging plans.

Find An Event

An event ticket booking app won’t cope without the find feature. Its essence is to provide users with tickets to events that may in future make them happy according to their purchase history, location and a lot of other things.

Rating and Review Choice

Only by receiving feedback from the users, owners of the app will improve and create a ticket booking app properly, to make it better and then, the best.


Notifications are an essential part of the app. But, what to notify users about?

Have a quick look at a handful of ideas:

  • Discount coupons
  • Company’s insight
  • Updated information on events that may interest the user
  • Tips and tricks on other exciting events happening around.

Time For 2nd Set Of Event Ticket Booking App

Here are the useful features for the seller party of the app.

It’s one of the considerable features of the online ticket booking system.

Easy payments or their management comes under the same sheath.

Content Management
It consists of anything related to the management of the content of ticket booking software irrespective of business of any size, nature and complexity.

Notifications here doesn’t mean pop-up notifications. Rather it means the possibility to send it.

By now, you would have a comprehensive understanding of the features that will make a custom event ticket booking app a great success.


When you start creating your app, there is a lot to remember!
Among other onus, you need to decide the technology stack, get access to the SDK, integrate payment gateways, analyse and discuss the feature set and the list goes on. So, if you are ready to have a nook in the event ticket booking app, you can get started with your Free Quote at Xicom and experience the difference for yourself!

Originally published at https://www.xicom.ae on January 15, 2021.



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