How Mobile App Fuels Growth For Startups In 2021 and Ahead?

Mobile App Fuels Growth For Startups In 2021

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An Outlook To the App Economy!

The UAE In 2020 — A Year Of Digital Dawn

Dubai In 2021- A Technology Fore-Runner

Stepping To 2021

  • Startups need an unskippable online presence in the global marketplace. And, mobile app developers offer a lending hand in cementing their nook with an innovative yet groundbreaking mobile app and also increases productivity.
  • Artificial Intelligence is a critical turner in the flourishing mobile apps aisle contributing on a large scale, especially during the epidemic.
  • Mobile apps enhance user interaction and bolster its customer-partnership. Besides, mobile apps increase customer loyalty and uphold client retention rate.
  • Mobile proves beneficial in minimizing the risk of client churn out rate. It retains clients for the long term and makes your business visible to a bigger audience.
  • Mobile apps are known for powerful responsiveness in comparison to typical websites. A complete set up helps startups to solve complicated problems, data estimations and analytics.
  • Everyone prefers mobile apps because it offers them instant information and results.
  • The feature of push notification in mobile app reminds users about new releases, gifts, discounts and vouchers. This approach helps businesses earn their client’s trust and improve on their brand awareness.
  • Mobile app’s push notifications offer new deals and products to keep their customer updated about their business and build a stronger bond with them.
  • Last, but not the least mobile app collects customer desires and interests and helps startups to research users and optimize their app accordingly.

Here’s The Happiness Quotient For App Development In Dubai

Debut Of Startups In Dubai

  • All of them are rooted in Dubai.
  • Mostly among them have raised funds between $500K and $2M.
  • All together, these startups have raised $2.3B roughly.

Now, Is The Time For App Development Players To Come

Are You A Startup In Dubai?



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