How to Build Weather Forecasting Mobile Application?

In this current era of smartphones and mobile applications so many people are looking for App Development Company in Dubai to build their business app. Generally, people use these devices and apps for so many of their day today’s tasks. One category of such apps is the Weather Forecasting Mobile applications. These weather forecasting mobile apps not simply do forecasting but offer crucial features as well. For example, there are apps which show climate and nature change on the planet for a specific period or even gives the current weather data. Although the forecasting function is most widely used but some of the people also want other features.

This “Weather Forecasting” is one of the prominent categories of apps. It is one of the most frequently accessed apps and has found a place in almost all smart devices used by people across the world. If you also want to design a weather app then it is a great idea. There are many ways by which you can add depth in the sense of functionality and design, something which will make your weather app a unique one among the crowd.

Although start-ups and small companies are not so eager to hire straightaway App Developer to create a weather app but there are many large organizations, say online media publishers, which can have this nice app to retain and entertain their readers. Hence, nowadays in every smartphone, there is a widget which forecasts weather. There are many Android and iOS apps which are highly precise and great at forecasting weather all across the globe.

How to Create a Weather Forecasting App for iOS and Android Devices?

There are many ways to create a Weather Forecasting App for iOS and Android platforms.

· Weather Conditions Data

It is not the most accurate way to collect weather data. This method does the forecasting based on the continuous statistical data of two-three decades. It is useful for the nations lacking weather satellites and cameras

· Satellites

It is the most accurate way for weather forecasting and helps in receiving the most accurate prognosis.

· Doppler Radar

This is also one of the most accurate way. This technology works with short radio waves called ‘pulses’ which have high-transmission and dual-polarization. It uses a 2-dimensional picture and is able to predict rain, snow fall, with high accuracy.

· Camera

This is also one of the best way to forecast weather and some apps use it already. The mix of satellite, cameras and radars offers the best results.

· National Weather Service Data

In the US, weather apps can use NWS data. NWS does a great job of collecting data from meteo stations and satellites across the nation and makes a forecast using special computer algorithms.

You can Hire App Developer in Dubai to build such a weather forecasting app. These are some of the amazing ways to gather weather data. Not all of them offer accurate information. The best and most accurate climate information from across the world is gathered by satellites.

How do App Developers Gather Accurate Data?

Some of the weather app development companies use weather APIs to create Weather apps offering accurate data. Some of them are:-

· DarkSky

This API enables the developers to gather hyperlocal climate forecasts, with weekly forecasts by hours/day. They provide access to historical data, precise accuracy, severe weather alerts and multi-language support.

Price:- First 1,000 forecasts/day are free. After that you need to pay $0.0001/forecast.

· Weather Underground

This API is powered by Weather Channel accurate weather forecasts and is available in 80 languages consisting data of major location across the globe. Here are the astronomical data, satellite thumbnails, historical data and dynamic radar images, severe climate alerts etc.

This data is available in XML or JSON formats.

Free subscription comprises of 3-day weather forecast summary and limited to 500 calls/day (10/minute). To launch it in the market, you would need premium version which is priced at $150 with additional weather data available and 5000+ calls/day.

Some other accurate climate forecast API providers are :-

· OpenWeather Map — Free 60 API calls per minute for 5 day forecasts. Premium plans start at $40 per month.

· Apixu — Free for 5,000 monthly calls. Premium plans start at $ 6.95 per month.

· AccuWeather — free 6 months demo limited to 500 calls per day.

· WeatherBug — starts at $20/month.

Types of Weather Apps

· Climate Apps

· Forecast

· Images of Changes

Which Features to Include While Developing a Weather App?

If you now want to start the development process, you should choose the right functionalities. Here, we will discuss the most-in-demand features of the Weather app.

· Earth-time lapse

This is the main feature of images of changes app showing the climate changes from history or specific time-period.

· Rain-forecast

It is basic yet important feature which displays the percent possibility of rain, along with cloudy and very cloudy indicators.

· Sunrise and Sunset Time

This basic feature shows the day length.

· Climate Map

This will show the whole of climate information, like humidity, sea level, air temperature, carbon dioxide level, etc. Mainly this is used for educational and scientific purposes.

· Humidity and Visibility

Many people who are going out for driving check the humidity and visibility levels.

· Wind information

Paragliders, kite-surfers, windsurfers and sailors need this information.

· UV Weather Map

This feature displays the sun’s UV radiation level. This feature is mainly useful during the summers.

· Weather Forecast

As you know the main functioning of this app is forecasting. Hence the app can display current weather, along with hourly, daily, weekly or even minute-to-minute weather forecast. Real-feel temperature is also good additional feature.

Interesting features to consider while creating a Weather App

· Smart Notifications

· Hyper-Local Forecast

· Stunning Weather Visualization

Additional features that can be integrated to enhance the curiosity for the app

You can consider these below features to make the users curious to explore your app:-

· Build a feature that informs your app users regarding historical temperature trends and changes in various areas. You can integrate the comment feature as well, like today the temperature is 40 degree, which is higher as compared to last years.

· You can also integrate drought-monitoring and forecast tab. This will attract the audience from the agriculture industry.

· If you want to create the most-accurate weather app, then you can integrate a map which displays global climate changes. Here the app should be regularly updated. Its best example is the ‘Earth Now’ which offers unique features to keep users updated on climate changes globally.

Design Ideas for Your Weather App

Although the idea of designing a weather forecasting and alert app is quite straightforward as app will forecast the current weather but there are some unique ways to deliver this information. Hence you can keep the below designing tips in mind while you create a weather app:-

· Give a unique feel to your Weather App

· Go for a Clean and Minimalistic look

· Add proper graphics and captivating custom elements and transitions

· Also give your users appropriate dressing advice based on the current weather

Total Approximate Cost of Developing a Weather Mobile App

The total approximate cost of a weather app development process may vary based on the app complexity and number of features you want to integrate into the app. Some other factors which can affect the development cost are:-

· Developer’s Hourly Development Rate

· Total Time required for development

· Number of devices you want to develop the app for

· Qualification of the Developer’s Team

Please remember that an app which falls under the category of basic utility apps with restricted features won’t perform a lot of tasks. However, its development cost will be relatively less i.e. from $1,000-$2,000. But if your app offers a customized design and additional features then it will cost more i.e. somewhere around $30,000.



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