Insurance App Development — Adding Value To Your Customers

An Insurance mobile app is a must-have nowadays, and these are not just words, we can prove it!

Presently mobile apps are ruling our daily life. Every year more and more people are switching to mobile apps for anything to almost everything. The trend is upheld by Statista: Individual spend 86% of the time on the Internet in their apps. It’s no wonder because smartphones are able to solve most of the problems!

This holds true and blue to all business areas, and insurance is no exception. Thus, the insurance mobile app came into.

Undeniably, mobile apps are advantageous to both the participants in the process- clients and the owner and employees of the insurance firm.

Don’t you agree?

Well, let’s dive deep with trusted and leading app development company and uncover why developing an Insurance mobile app is a cool and profitable idea?

The Demand For Insurance App

If you work in an insurance firm, or you are an insurance client, the chances are high that the thing consuming your most of the time is “Paperwork”. It is the real challenge for the environment and simultaneously gushes your bigger amount of time in processing. Besides, the paperwork is vulnerable to lose and damage. In some cases, it even leads to several delays with claims in procession or setting up new accounts.

Therefore, swapping conventional approaches with modern mobile app solutions in your insurance business work is the need of the hour.

But, before you start working for your app, you need to understand the level of demand to discover whether the game is worth the candle or better to say whether the risk will pay off?

Of course, the answer is “YES”.
Earlier, the scenario was not the same. Till 2016, the insurance mobile apps were not a hot pick — according to the KPMG global report, 2016 ( the pulse of Fintech), the insurance firm was far away from IT solutions and were least interested in transforming.

However, the scenario changed a little in 2017. The demands for national insurance mobile app increased, specifically at the expense of emerging markets. Regardless, there were many pitfalls in need of circumvented, but they were accompanied by new excellent iOS and Android app development solutions.

And, that was just the inception.

Whereas in 2018, the situation started getting much better, and with the forecast of the next coming years to be rosy. Also, to have a clear picture of the rising demand, find the below graph sharing the experience of customers worldwide from the service parameter.

So, if you are still sitting on the fence, it’s high time to have an app for your insurance card and abreast the right trajectory.

Advantages Of The Insurance App For Users


Before moving to the nutshell, let’s see why your customer will be eager to become users of a progressive insurance mobile app. What will be the egg’s in one’s beer?

There are numerous reasons, but here I am shedding light on the main 7 ones.

Simple Outlining Of Insurance Acts: A customer needs to understand the insurance terms and condition, which sometimes turn onerous to read on papers. Thus, the mobile app provides a benefit of going through it with just a few clicks.

Online Consultation: Alas, not always an individual can find ample time and visit one of the insurance firms in person to consult on a matter of interest. Thus, the representative will appreciate various insurance app features such as online chat, feedback, and so on.

Pop-Up Notifications: This app won’t allow the user to forget about the end of the insurance program; besides, it will inform the person about discounts and promotions for their ongoing policies.

Easy Data Storage: All the thanks to the smart insurance app, all the required information is stored in a single interface.

Receiving Information Instantly: Aligning with trusted and proficient mobile app development companies in Dubai, it makes a lot easier for the client to learn everything about the firm within minimal time. Among other things, the customer will be able to find the nearest office on the map, know your working hours and thus provides the list of service.

Determining The Location: The Geo-location functions provided by the mobile insurance app helps the user with a direct call to the office or to the insurance agent in the time of requirement.

Comprehensive and Timely Instructions: Once again, in the event of an unfortunate incident, the client can instantly gather the pieces of information on the actions he should perform.

By now, you have in-depth insights into the customer benefits, and it’s time to think of what you are going to get. In addition, it will prove resourceful to sort out the main types of these apps. I hope the analysis and evaluation will give you some ground-breaking insurance app ideas:

The Advantages Of Insurance Mobile App For Insurance Companies

Firstly, let us discuss, in general aspects, why and how creating an insurance app would improve your business processes.

The insurance agent mobile app comes wrapped with uncovered benefits helping you get straight out from the insurance heaps.

Automatic Processes: Modern IT solutions undoubtedly automates all your business prospects and processes. Also, automation of process helps in streamlining the work and meeting the deadline easily.

Providing Insight Of The Company: Matching footstep with insurance mobile app, you get the chance to convey complete information about your company and that in a favourable light.

Customer-Centric Growth: The number of people using mobile apps and web services of the insurance firm is proliferating, and in order to allure new customers, you need to hire the right Android and iOS app developer to keep pace with the dynamically changing customer needs.

Constant communication: The insurance app development costs will undeniably pay off since you launch a mobile app that provides a constant connection with the client and the potential to communicate with them around the clock. Even, if your service provider is unavailable, a chatbot comes to your rescue.

Simple and Streamlined Insurance Deal: As I have already mentioned the advantages while discussing numerous customer benefits, Irrespective, you also win applause for the registration of the insurance act through a mobile program.

Customized Offers: The insurance mobile app allows you to gather information on each client and compile a unique and distinctive offer on the basis of the data received — specifically, the offer which the user won’t be able to refuse (as it will be created keeping in focusing the user needs).

The Potential To Receive Feedback From Customers: Let’s assume if a client can report a claim from the app, the firm representative or the firm itself will be able to reply to his/her complaints instantly and smoothly over.

So, when you know the benefits, but still perplexed about the types of mobile insurance app?

There are numerous of them, but here I am paying attention to the key ones.

Insurance App for your Tail-Waving Friend

Pet care is taken to the paramount level with pet insurance app.

They are gaining popularity.

But what is pet insurance?

It’s an insurance that claims and is reliable about your pet, be it cat, dog, mice, rabbit, hamster or even a guinea pig.

According to the pet insurance firm, they are continually indemnifying their pets against loss, attack of other animals, as well as several diseases. And if such protection cases are on the alarming rise, the need for the pet insurance company is directly rising.

As the need in this respective sector is rising, and therefore the question “How To build an insurance app?” concerns to the app development company which provides it.

Insurance App For Voyagers & Travellers

Travelling is not just a job for some. Indeed it’s a passion-driven by adventure, zeal and excitement.

Tourists are usually known with the fact to get health insurance while touring and travelling overseas. However, those who organize their trips through tour operators don’t think of it because of a standard travel package necessarily consisting of a medical insurance policy.

Flipping the other side of the coin, people who prefer to travel solo have to deal with such demurs alone, and many to do so with the help of online booking on the website of the insurance firm.

But agree, to scrutinize the process through the app for travel insurance is even better!

It, simply means the number of pleased customers will maximize — the factor which owners of insurance companies will definitely find more than appropriate.

Adding on, the gadgets are always handy and you, as one of the owner, can easily communicate with the client wherever he is. Another significant bonus is modern smartphones are able to determine their location, which also opens up the abyss of new unique opportunities.
Insurance App For Saving & Securing Life

As per experts, life insurance is a financial protection tool, that ensures guarantees long-term moneyed assistance and allows avoiding the consequences of an accident and maintaining a standard of living in the instance of force majeure.

Of course, the task to persuade people to order such an expensive service isn’t simple ABC, and a mobile app for insurance is another leveraging over potential clients. Secure your future with pocket-friendly iPhone app developers that will make it possible with few clicks! You should admit, the statement sounds quite convincing.

Insurance App For Securing Property

Property insurance is, for sure, an excellent opportune to protect oneself from unforeseen financial expenses in the event of flooding, fire, theft, and so on. Else, all these unpleasant incidents would not just entail a lot of trouble but also keep a reminder of the family budget.

Unfortunately, there are numerous property insurance firms, and convincing a customer to choose yours precisely is an easy task of increased complications. Insurance for your dream home can be a great argument in your favour!

On one side, it simplifies the insurance processes, while on the other, it becomes an additional communication channel and maximizes user involvement.

To prove, the trusted firms offer a look at examples of several competitive insurances houses mobile apps.

Insurance App For Your Vehicle

It’s undoubtedly a very helpful choice for insurance applications since all vehicles owner ought to insure their cars and two-wheeler. And, they will undoubtedly be happy to simplify such an uphill process with the right Android or iOS app development.

There are even more benefits.

Mobile apps can be used as a means to efficiently manage risks (counted as your advantages) and minimize the costing of the insurance policy (the drivers’ benefit). Besides, it’s a tool to improvise the convenience of interaction in general. Let’s say, for example, before insurers check the vehicle online and gather information on the existence of insurance claims from databases. Whereas, in the user account, the entire process is being settled, including finance transfer.

So, if you are a company owner, that indemnifies against the damage to car owners; just whim about the need to build an insurance app for your clients.

For sure, you will attract new customers and increase the loyalty of the older ones. Moreover, you will accomplish the goals without making any extra effort.


Lastly, all that matters for insurance companies and mobile app developers is to harness the advantages rightly in the technology spectrum to provide apps that add value-adding value in the event of a claim and in the client’s everyday life.

So, to turn the onus of searching, finding, and communicating with the targeted audience is made handy with Xicom, the leading app development company in the flooded option. They adhere to inspire the next and thus, make sure their clients are delighted to spend most of their time on their smartphones using the distinctive app from hailing a taxi to finding the right insurance with the right features.

So, possibly we have convinced you!

And, you are ready to strengthen your insurance business through a mobile app.

Then, get your Free Project Estimation and outgrow the traditionality confining you and your business.

Originally published at on June 8, 2020.



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