Mobile App Development Trends In The COVID-19 Era

The CoronaVirus outbreak has left people across the globe perplexed and searching for answers.

The world is in the midst of an unprecedented global pandemic as the cliff-hanger spread rapidly. Many countries, states, county and cities have implemented social distancing and confinement strategies along with shelter in order to “flatten the curve”.

However, all the precautions opted worldwide calls for new ways of communication for both — private initiatives and public authorities are increasingly making use of apps to reach the population. For a closer and clearer look at the role mobile app trends are playing in helping people navigate this catastrophe, mobile app development company are bridging the distance between citizens and organizations. Besides, mobile apps potentially plays a vital role in tracking the next phase of COVID-19 response.

Virus tracking and tracing apps are immensely popular in East Asia and are credited for part of their contribution in detecting the infection. Presently, the approach varies throughout different societies, with an inclination towards advocating these apps in support of public health authorities and re-evaluating how to make and save money.

We have clutched data to review new mobile app development trends from December 2019 to March 2020. Here are the insights we uncovered.

An Exponential Upthrust In Finance App Usage

Clattered by digits of unemployment and wracked by the economic crisis of Covid-19, people everywhere are forced to re-evaluate how they will make and save money.

So, in the midst of economic breakdown people are keenly aware of where their paychecks are heading and curious to improve financial wellness, record numbers of clients in the lookout for mobile finance apps for advice and answers.

Passion and convenience with mobile finance were outgrowing ahead of the crisis, with the segment showing an impressive growth trajectory since the last year, as per the Mobile Finance Apps Report — published by mobile app marketing and retargeting platform skyrocketed in partnership with app market intelligence provider App Annie the mobile money management witnessed an unprecedented uptake in 2019.

Across the globe, clients accessed finance apps over a trillion times in 2019 with no signs of stopping. The flurry of activity had a positive impression on mobile app development companies in Dubai and where it counts. The conversion costs dropped by nearly 76 per cent while the registration rates upsurge by 71 per cent in comparison to the last year.

And, yes, the trend is likely to upsurge making digital-only the new norm for financial services. A whopping reckon of over 1.75 billion smartphone users use their digital devices for banking purposes in 2019, in comparison to 800 million the last year.

After all the meteoric rise in mobile usage and app use to manage personal pocket and finances, it’s undeniable that fierce competition is maximizing for mobile-savvy customers.

An Unexpected Increase In Entertainment Apps

With the government and businesses stepping ahead in their effort to break the chain of COVID-19, the consumers on lockdown at home are looking for novel ways of using a mobile app.

According to the latest report, users daily spent time on Android devices uped by 20 per cent year-over-year in Q1 2020, whereas users spending in both iOS and Android version was also upsurge by 15 per cent and 5 per cent respectively.

This is one in itself a new record for in-app spending for a single quarter $23.4 billion worldwide. Moreover, there is an exceptional drift in user penetration by 13.6 per cent in 2020 and predicted to reach 14.7 per cent by 2024.

Besides the user penetration, the revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate of CAGR from 2020–24 of 5%, resulting in a projected market volume of US $ 3,568 by 2024.

This whopping revenue allure many startups and flourished names in the landscape to find and hire mobile app developers in Dubai to curate their niche in the technology-oriented arena.

Even, in the streaming music apps, Pandora has witnessed a spike of new apps installed since March so far. Thus, it will be interesting to see how audio app usage progresses since inception. Also, apps like Savvan and Spotify have clutched several investments in great podcasts, which are often related to commutes.

Still, the question to be answered is whether clients will pivot to audio for entertainment or if video still yearns to remain ascendant.

More And More Apps To Support WFH

One definitive impact of the COVID-19 epidemic has been a significant increase in the number of individuals working from home.

But the question that persists is “How many of them will be able to do when the COVID-19 crisis fades”?

Working from home, research has found, can boost employee productivity, improve work/life balance and foster better mental health. Some forward-thinking employers have taken extra measures to help their employees work remotely during the lockdown.

Earlier, around 7 percent of U.S workers had the choice to regularly work from home.

Speaking casually, “Knowledge workers” such as executives, IT managers, Financial analysts and accountants have access to remote work.

Some jobs, by its very nature, are difficult or next to impossible to swindle from the office site.

Think about restaurants servers, hairstylist, public workers like police officers or construction workers, and many more to the list. Indeed, according to the NCS, merely 1 per cent of service-sector workers and the same share of construction workers have access to telework, the lowest proportion among major occupational groups.

So, who cherish this perk?

Truthfully speaking, so-called “knowledge workers” and people who do most of their work on digital devices. Approximately, around a quarter (24%) of employees in management, business and finance occupation — like corporate executive, IT managerial level post, accountants and underwriters — have access to telework. And, so do 14% of “professional and related” workers, like lawyers, software designers and engineers.

If still, somewhere and somehow you are looking for something new to swap WFH — It’s high time for WNH (Work Near Home). The physical and mental repercussions of such a set-up are probable to take a toll on the extended long hail productivity of the IT segment. For sure, you can have a different take on this specific situation with innovative and trusted mobile app development in Dubai adhering to the WHN model.

Therefore, you can create an app which can provide a safety blanket to employees with work-sharing facilities of office spaces equipped with uninterrupted Wi-Fi, video conferencing, power supply, ergonomic seating capacity and refreshment spaces.

This app trend will prove boon enabling professional work from their hometowns while enjoying an excellent work atmosphere. So, be a part of the new decentralized working by maintaining the social distancing norms.

Growth In TeleMedicine Apps

Yes, COVID-19 outbreak demand for telehealth is predicted to soar by 64.3 per cent in the U.S in 2020 as the CoronaVirus pandemic disrupts the practice for medicine and the delivery of medical care.

Nevertheless, virtual care is new in the medical spectrum. While complaints about healthcare costs and provider burnout abound in the industry, small innovations have prompted such sweeping and successful change as telemedicine service. Even, according to Mordor Intelligence, the telemedicine market is expected to be a goldmine of estimated value $66 billion globally by 2021.

Telemedicine is not constant in the arena of care delivery; it’s evolving continually. As many healthcare providers have switched from regular convenient consultations to more evidence-based solutions, clinicians have been easily able to access patients with the right app development in Dubai and across the globe.

The experts have turned the odds into favour to remotely access patients record and collaborate with other providers for more precise and accurate diagnoses and informed care plans. Hospitals and practitioners are harnessing technology to improve clinical outcomes.

This, in return, has fueled more sophisticated technology, proffering healthcare leaders to learn how to maximize virtual care’s potencies ultimately. With the dual current of provider demand and telemedicine ingenuity amalgamated, it’s going to be a game-changer in 2020 and ahead.

A Need For Fitness App Sky-Rocketed

Did you think about exercise?

Are millennials turning to apps to stay fit and healthy? One such instance to advocate the increase is a notable jump in new installs since March for fitness apps like MyFinessPal and whereas Strava saw a minimal increase in the same month too. But, it’s undeniable to say MyFitnessPal and Peloton witnessed a more significant increase in these app installations at the starting of 2020 — likely New Year’s resolution for many.

There are a few trends to follow here. It’s not surprising to witness both Peloton, and MyFitnessPal see a marked increase in users at the beginning of the year, as many people oath to become healthier, only to see their resolution fall off over time.

Many fitness-related brands, like Peloton, also ran major marketing campaigns specifically in January to capitalize on New Year’s Resolutions. While many apps offer discounts on gym memberships can be tempting, but it’s for sure working out at home is as easy as pulling out your smartphone from your pocket.

A host of fitness apps can spare you with the cost of a gym membership — regardless of the time and cost of driving to the gym. Indeed, many mobile app development companies in Dubai enable you to get an efficient and effective workout in as little as seven minutes. There are many free apps too.

However, if you are in the search to craft your own fitness app to help many get in shape in this lockdown, just step ahead, get your free project estimation and get started.

In The End… “Technology Is The Unsung Hero”

Technology is turning an increasing;y divisive topic. Even, the COVID-19 global epidemic has left people around the world confused and searching for answers. At “Xicom technologies”, the mobile app developers in Dubai pay special attention to data security breaches, the spread of false information, and it impacts on mental health.

The list is never-ending why Xicom is a fore-runner in the app development verticals. However, the experts here have allowed everyone to stay connected in the time of crisis, and also has been pivotal in facilitating the spread of technology usage in the midst of COVID-19 lockdown.

It’s the time; the pandemic has shown everyone how vulnerable one is without technology and how business is adversely affected. But, to rescue you and keep you informed and sane, the experts are right here to recognize and understand your needs and customize it according to time and actionable data.

Originally published at on June 25, 2020.



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