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You have booked your flights, your annual leave submitted and your itinerary sketched out.

The styrofoam part of this equation often leaves travellers lost, unsure and recompense for the unknown. Probably, many consider planning holidays onerous and simultaneously the words “save” and “invest money” odious too.

So, to rescue you from this nightmare, the Travel and Tourism industry has stepped ahead by revolutionizing conventional ways with mobile apps.

Whether you like it or not, travel and tourism are one of the most burgeoning industries with the dynamic development of mobile apps. Also, with the complete transformation, it has opened a floodgate for the travel and tourism to curate their niche as “seventh most downloaded mobile app category with 605 of the smartphone users frequently using travel apps when planning their holidays”.

In earlier days, the notion for making the arrangements depends upon agents, but with the help of a mobile app development company, the tedious task has all been a thing of touch by thing.

Hence, mobile apps not only pay attention to improve the travel experience for travellers, but it has significantly benefit tourism-based businesses. So, it’s no surprise that the travel industry is upsurging with each passing day with the blend of technological transformations.

But, before covering up the advantages, let’s unfurl the working of Travel Apps.

How Travel Apps Work

Firms create travel apps for much more than hotels and restaurants. Yet, offering useful and captivating travel content remains their best lead generation source.

The following is the content travel app companies include in their apps:

  • Reviews and ratings from travellers
  • Exclusive tour packages
  • Travel guides

Therefore, the travel companies make sure they partner with the best among the mobile app development companies in Dubai to offer more than a popular travel app.

They offer an extensive feature like the easy searches for tickets, cost, renting a car and so on.

Same is with accommodation searches and bookings. With exclusive filtering options, reviews system, and other apps features, it won’t be any more time-consuming job for a user to choose the right place.

For example, behemoths like TripAdvisor and Airbnb allows everything to be done from a single app. Finally, some platforms jell with upscales — they make a personalized proposition to clients as per their priorities, like proffering travel insurance, specific tour packages and some additional services.

The Money Making Strategies Of Travel App

Further, you must be thinking about what keeps the travel apps afloat?

Actually, there are three revenue models on which basically tourism app development works:

  • Advertising (TripAdvisor)
  • Merchant Model (Expedia)
  • Commission Fees

So, let’s start with the tried-and-tested revenue model — Merchant Model

Expedia earns its most of the profit by working on the merchant model. Their gross bookings upscale to $28.3 billion in the second quarter of 2019.

Let us have a peek on how it works: The platform purchase hotels rooms and then resells them to the guests. As Expedia rents room in bulk, hotels tend to offer a minimum costing deal to its clients. Also, merchants bundles often extend to airfares, car rentals, and many other services too.

Let us understand it better with the help of an example:

Expedia buys 100 rooms at $ 45/night rather than $80 (the best available rate). Clients are satisfied as they get rooms cheaper than the hotel claimed rates, simply because of the number of rooms booked and the income.

The next, revenue model comes is the “Commission Fees”

Some hotels do have advertising constraints, unlike huge chains. This simply means their best chance to allure travellers is to get listed on significant resources or popular booking websites.

In return, the or Android app developers that developed their apps define a commission rate from each transaction.

Now, Is The High Time To Discover Features That Makes Your Travel App A Great Hit:

Competition is outgrowing with every passing day with the increasing number of smartphones users. In the present scenario, there are millions of mobile app available in the app store, from any genre to everything you need, there is an app.

However, there are numerous factors which influence a user’s mind to download the app, but one of the prime considerations is how easy it is for the user to navigate through the app and easy to crack the best deal for their trip.

For example, the discount your app can provide should be second to none because there is a bottleneck competition in several apps that compare all the travelling allowances, hotels room and other things.

So, be careful while giving promotional offers.

One of the decisive reasons due to which most of the travellers entice towards a mobile app is the easiness that the mobile app booking system provides by sitting at their comfort zone.

So, with the mobile app lending a hand, they can quickly choose their desired dream destination, book their flights and make the reservation in the boutique hotel in a blink of an eye. Besides, the right iPhone app developers or your technology partner can add some features to make your app more intuitive like Weather forecast, price comparison, discounts, prior hotel bookings all under one umbrella.

It’s no doubt that mobile application development companies provide a USB (Until Something Better) to the travel and tourism industry, and that is curtailing the paperwork process. With mobile apps, users are able to save the soft copies of tickets, hotel reservations and other relevant documents within the mobile phone unless carrying it all around with you.

The clear picture is that it’s impressive for the customers as well as for the business as they need not worry about understanding all the documents are safely located in their mobile phones and tablets for 24 7 access. Online transactions are one of the most significant benefits of the mobile app to this industry. It offers the choices of making all the payment through the internet or the digital mode. So, there is no more hassle of carrying cash with you. You are able to access these mobile apps, 24 7*365 round the clock.

With the help of the mobile app, travel companies ensure to uphold their visibility and online presence in the competitive landscape of travel and tourism. It has been tried-and-tested that the companies which follow SoLoMo trends of using Social platforms, local platforms and media to connect well with their users, are more incline to optimize their expected ROI (Return On Investment) easily.

Supposedly, you have heard about Foursquare and Groupon and how their businesses were extended by using social platforms like Facebook and Twitter. So, if you also want to cherish the same success rate, ensure to step ahead with constant Android app development or iOS development to reach out to millions of users by a single click and race miles ahead of the competitors.

The firms have enticed new clients by providing promotional discounts, first-time app use discount, seasonal discounts and pocket-friendly holiday packages. The loyalty programs offering a discount on the next holiday tour to their privileged customers make sure more visit and more revenue.

Mobile apps are usually a great way to remain connected with users before, during and after their browsing history on the app, a travel firm can better understand its client base. Company may require customized holiday packages to each customer according to their pocket and requirements.

This also helps in planning and optimizing future marketing campaigns. Another benefit employed by most of the travel apps is the feedback and suggestions section, through which company are able to hide negative comments and publicity and build an intimate relationship with its customers.

TripAdvisor app also follows the same protocols. It has become a reliable source of information for future prospective voyagers.

The unskippable thing to not turn a blind eye is to integrate the app with GPS features. So, to pay attention to these minimal, it’s crucial to hire an app development company that has expertise with Android and iOS development having dedicated team of Android and iPhone app developer to complete your project without any hinge.

As you know, mobile apps are a trusted source of routes, thus, including services like Google maps to offer directions and even last-minute route diversion to unfamiliar locations are made a lot easier. No more need to carry voluminous guidebooks and travel maps.

With the new entrant invention for facilitating easy navigation is the “wearable technology” like Triposo travel belt. This belt connects to your smartphone through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and helps you locate the destination quickly. Aside to the location, some mobile apps offer a real-time view of the destination you are heading to or browsing and the nearby accommodations available there. Airbnb is the biggest accommodation booking website allowing people to have a comprehensive choice of hotels, stays, tour packages, cuisine and all the other itineraries from anywhere to everywhere on the globe through videos and pictures.

Travellers are defined to sue the travelling apps as their imperatives. Right, from hotel booking to visiting the tourist attractions the traveller looks for everything on their app to explore the unexplored, finding the hidden places and looking for nearby accompaniers to make your journey more fun.

Moreover, you can add a visit video, photograph, share your experience on the app, post feedback. All these features are available on apps like Wikitude, that gives the latest information in an exciting way about building monuments you are visiting and are in your bucket list. With the right Android app developers or iPhone app professional, you can make your journey a wishlist for others to backpack and leave for a new awaiting dawn.

Owing to rising demand and competition, mobile companies have made the mark with affordable smartphones, Androids and tablets. More and more individuals are downloading more and more apps from every genre and especially the travellers using the travel apps for their unmissable itineraries.

They prefer to download a travel app because of its convenient solutions to fulfil all their travel needs. Brick and mortar offices swapped with an online presence and guidebooks and offices replaced with full-featured mobile app making travelling a fun thing to do indeed of a notion carrying of chaos and hassle.

In The End… It will be rightly said, technological evolvement has impacted many industries, and the travel and tourism are among the one to witness a behemoth upthrust in the constantly changing arena. So, if you also want a smoother and unforgettable experience for your clients, then get your free project estimation and be the revolution 2020 voyager’s need.

But, before you step ahead, make sure you make the right selection for partnering app development company like Xicom that chatter to quality over quantity and adhere to inspire the next.

Don’t forget, its a smart approach to extract the highest ROI (Return On Investment)

Originally published at on May 29, 2020.



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