Why Flutter For Mobile App Development In 2020?

It’s As Amazing As Everyone Says, But Even Exceptional!

Why App Developers Loves Flutter?

Because Flutter Is AWESOME!

Flutter caters to both businesses (because of the reasonable cost) and developers (because of speed and great usability). These are the significantly big reason why flourished names like Alibaba, Google Ads and leading app development companies in Dubai like Xicom opt for a flutter.

Google has done a tremendous job by developing Flutter and continue to make this framework even better.

Herein, I have pocketed a quick overview of Flutter and its latest perks along with I have shed some light on the facts why Flutter framework is worth working with. Not to forget, the blog includes answer to the biggest question wandering in everyone’s mind “What is holding big companies from adopting Flutter?”

But, first thing first!

The Gist Of Flutter

Here I have listed the things you already know about Flutter:

  • It’s an open-source and cross-platform toolkit
  • It supports three famous platforms officially — Android, iOS and web (in beta)
  • Unofficially it also supports desktop
  • It comes with its own graphics engine (skia)
  • The apps are developed using Dart programming language

The New: Google introduced the first version of Flutter towards the end of February 2018. As of April 2020, 1.12 release is available.

What Makes Flutter So SPECIAL?

Flutter is known to hold the inherent quality of native apps with the flexibility of the cross-platform app development. Obviously, many cross-platform tools let you write the code once and use it easily on both iOS and Android. Yet not all are able to render the same look like a native app.

Nevertheless, Flutter does precisely the opposite: Indeed of being a sheath on top of native UI components like Xamarin and React Native, Flutter draws the UI from scratch. It maintains the native experience and feel of the app, and you don’t have to worry about its performance on any platform.

Also, since Flutter’s a free framework, any app developers in Dubai or professional across the globe can make changes to it on GitHub and send the merge request. Simultaneously, if you have a look at Flutter’s popularity — 90.4k GitHub stars, 18,445 commits and 12k Forks — you will have a clear picture of why everyone loves Flutter and contribute to making it better.

How Flutter Works?

As you already know, Flutter isn’t compiled directly to iOS and Android apps, the apps launched are based on a combination of the rendering engine that is built on C++ and Flutter on Dart. All files produced this way attach to each app and SDK (Software Development Kit) assemblies software for a specific platform.

It seems like a game development — a game doesn’t allocate its framework, and its functionality is taken out with the game engine. Same goes for Flutter software as all apps that are based on Flutter SDK swapping parts of native frameworks with respective elements of Flutter.

Although it can affect the size of the resulting app, the performance will still remain good — rendering made with speed up to 120 FPS. With native compilation for ARM processors, simple rendering and a set of integrated widgets and tools, Flutter makes the development process smooth and simple. Adding on, it offers a few tasty features like Hot Reload.

If in case you are wondering how it works: Here’s The Answer.

To start, click on the Hot Reload button, all changes in code will be displayed in gadgets, emulators and simulators at the moment. The app will continue to work from where it was before you hit the hot reload — the code updates, but execution continues.

The Big Proof Is Here To Why Choose Cross-Platform Apps!

New versions of Flutter keep entering the landscape with more advanced features up their sleeves. But, there are already a lot of enhanced features that perfectly gives the reason why Flutter is so well-loved.

The cross-platform development with Flutter, contrary to the popular myth, doesn’t make software worse.

Flutter comes along with all native widgets for Android and iOS user inetrfaces like Material design and Cupertino. Also, the framework can change the behavior of different elements to create similar UX for the app’s users.

Flutter turns the dream of making it possible to implement discrete file compilation in the dev mode. JiT compilation accelerate the development and software debugging.

Flutter allows for a flexible and scalabale backend.

Moreover, it supports plugins like SQLite, Firebase and the list goes on. Firebase makes the app’s infrastructure serverless, scalable and redundant. So, if you are working on app’s that need real-time database or cloud functions, Flutter’s got your back.

And, the last but not the least, Flutter is very easy to work with.

The Latest Flutter 1.12 Version and It’s Perks

Let’s find out what hot features Flutter latest version 1.12 brings for you an app development companies in Dubai and across the world:

iOS Dark mode

Starting from now, Flutter braces the iOS 13 look and feel both, consisting of complete dark mode support in the Cupertino widgets. And, it isn’t just about swapping out the background but opting the entire colours to make a good match.

Add-To-App Support

The other big improvement is the Add-To-App updates option, which is for integrating Flutter into already existing iOS/Android apps.

The latest version of Flutter supports adding one fullscreen Flutter instance to the app, accompanied with the below listed features:

Support for using plugins in Flutter modules
Stabilized APIs integration in Java, Objective-C, Kotlin and Swift
Additional integration choice available through Android AARs and iOS framework.

Beta Web Support

The latest version Flutter master, dev, and beta channels offer improved support for the web.

Dart 2.7

In comparison to the early version, Flutter the latest update introduces to Dart 2.7.

This update enhances the experience of functioning with Dart 2.5 in how safe strings manage abilities and extension processes. This helps developers prevents errors when variables get a zero value and parse integers in a string.

This is not all!
There are some other features of the latest Flutter version that makes it the top pick for many seasoned mobile app developers in Dubai, UAE.

  • updated DartPad
  • macOS desktop support (alpha)
  • multi-device debugging
  • golden image testing
  • Android build improvements

Amid all the benefits, the most asked question is “Where To Use Flutter?”
Here is the Answer!

First and foremost, it’s better to switch and opt for Flutter for MVP startups when you have confined time and often money to validate the business model.

It’s undeniable, that a Flutter app is cheaper:

In comparison to the cost of two native apps
Linear processes
The development team is 40% smaller
You can spend ample time working on your customized feature

By switching for a flutter project, you are cutting down the development hours exponentially. Flutter development doesn’t take as much time compared to the native apps.


If somehow, it’s a no here’s an example.

Let’s assume you are making an Instagram like app for two platforms. iOS and Android — the iOS development is going to take, approximately 700 hours, while Android also nearly to 700 hours.

But, with Flutter, you will cover both platforms and save time: 700h Android + 700h iOS VS 700H Flutter.

The decision is Yours!

You are saving tons of time that you can invest in something else, like polishing the features and planning strategies.

The Final Words

Creating from the ground level to let professionals build high performing apps in record time, is not anymore thought of tomorrow. Flutter has made it possible and even challenges to curate itself as an excellent development platform that really has to be seen to be fully appreciated.

In some scenarios, it isn’t easy to put the experience into words, but the experienced and reliable developers from the leading mobile app development company make it a simple ABC by putting hands-down for future projects.

If you are interested in having a deep dive in understanding Flutter and it’s unfurled features like how to build animation, deploy to desktop or target web and accomplish other useful things that translate jell into real-world app development scenarios, nothings fit better than “Xicom” to make it a soon to be a reality.

So, if you are in the search for creating apps in limited time and budget, Flutter is definitely worth trying. It’s as good as it seems to be, and with each update, it turns exceptional. Google dev doesn’t forget to add extensive features and tools for cross-platform app development.

For some mobile app development companies in Dubai and the UAE, this framework may look unusual for C# and Java aficionados, but it does not mean it will force you out for your comfort zone.

To master the small syntax differences, get Your Free Project Estimation, and you are halfway done. You will soon see that UI development goes a few times quicker compared to native development.

And, finally, our experts make it successful, and with Flutter sticking around, it could help you reap some exciting mobile development in Dubai along with opportunities in the future.

Originally published at https://www.xicom.ae on July 15, 2020.




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