Why Future Demands Mobile App Technologies?

The Future Of Mobile App Is MULTI-EXPERIENCE”

It’s been approximately a decade since the first app said “Hello” to the world in Apple’s app store, and they are here for a long haul.

As the number of people who own and use a mobile grows, so does the use of smartphones. Mobile app development in Dubai and across the globe not only continue to be an in-demand technology among the users but are also revolutionizing the way businesses operate.

Statistics predict that by 2022, the annual mobile app downloads will reach 258 billion, i.e. 45 per cent increase from 178 billion downloads since 2017. And, the number is expected to grow more prominent in the coming years.

According to Statista, the number of mobile app users is forecasted to reach 7 billion by 2021, so there is a need for businesses to push boundaries with mobile app technologies to meet evolving customer needs.

Although, mobile apps are predicted to have a significant impact on the business world in 2020 and ahead. Along with user applications touchpoints upsurging in frequency, changes in modalities and emergence in device type, the potential defining app development is multi-experience.

Without any further ado, the future is ready to meet the upgrade versions of apps grounded on emerging technologies like Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud computing and IoT (Internet Of Things). Each technology has it’s prospects to accomplish the process with ease and control and path it’s unique niche in the landscape.

Time To Delve And Find How Mobile Apps Are Re-Defining The Future.

The aisle of medicine, teaching, research and engineering, gaming, business are more inclined towards the latest technologies. Therefore, app development cements its footprints with an undeniable upthrust and boost in revenue.

Even, if you dwell from a freelance backdrop or are among the trusted and experienced mobile app developers in Dubai, then the opportune is knocking at your door right away.

How Data Helps In Improving Health?

WHO states “Health is a state of complete well-being physically, socially and mentally and not just absence of disease or infirmity”.

So, when we talk about health, we talk about the complete well being of the individual. And, finally the time is here when app development company put all the aspects at one place to revolutionize the conventional mHealth apps. The leading fore-runners are already utilizing technologies like AI, Blockchain and Cloud computing.

To have an in-depth understanding of technology implications of mobile health apps in healthcare, medical services and treatments, I have pocketed key attributes focused on improving the health of people.

  • Paperless documentation
  • Efficient handling of emergency cases
  • Easy integration with wearables for data collection
  • Last, it’s a great business opportunity, unlike other industries

With continuous evolution of distinctive technologies opening doors for new ways, your healthcare app should not be confined just scheduling appointments with the doctor, indeed it should be a life saviour. Make sure you are using the right platform for your app development.

Some technologies worth consideration are here to offer you a clear picture of what’s expected from mHealth app in coming years:

Artificial Intelligence

Integrating AI in your healthcare mobile app helps in making better data-driven decisions. Simultaneously, it improves the efficiency of the diagnosis process along with entire medical treatment.


You can use Blockchain technology to keep patients record safe in an encrypted form.


With the help of IoT, doctors can easily maintain and collect valuable information of the patient’s present health, medicine, diagnosis and follow the checkups accordingly.

How Mobile Apps Are Transforming Education Landscape?

According to reports from Statista it is seen across the world spending on mEducation in 2020 is projected to reach 37.8 billion from 3.4 billion in 2011. eLearning states “Mobile eLearners typically study for 40 minutes longer than students using tabs or desktop”.

Thus, mobile learning is a growing trend. Especially for students, educational mobile apps offer convenience by helping them achieve more in less time. Some benefits to list are as follow:

  • Interactivity with mentors become easy
  • Specialization
  • Easy tracking of progress in learning
  • Enhance curiosity and generate excitement with gamification
  • Instant updates and notifications of the classroom and activity

Now, let’s unfurl the technology stack that makes educational apps a must for the future learning era.

Artificial Intelligence

The most-hyped technology is making space in classrooms nowadays with a core motive to improve the conventional learning ways. Let’s walk through some of the practical ways:

  • Interaction at a global level
  • Personalization learning for students


Chatbots are a hot pick of mobile technology trend that provides the much-needed boost to online education. Chatbots do not merely offer a personalized learning environment; rather, it also turns boring lectures into chat conversations. But, before making your mind to integrate this technology into your app, it’s crucial to partner with trusted app developers in Dubai to turn this an operational reality.

How Businesses Are Getting Mammoth Benefits From Mobile Apps?

In early days, the mobile app was a thing for big names like Harrods, Bank Of America, and not to forget Walmart.

However, things change; and it turns for good.

Presently, the market holds the misconception that has shattered entirely on the early midcap entrants like Uber and Airbnb that took the stage for mobile business to unmountable heights. The triumph of AirBnB and Uber shows the boundless business prospects that can be created by the miniature icons on your mobile screen.

Customer behaviour and purchasing psychology along with right strategies of customers have changed significantly. Consumers look for information about the product they are going to buy or service instantly with just a touch.

Below is a graph portraying how most of the businesses use their mobile apps to improve customer service and foster upsurge customer loyalty.

Altogether, it’s rightly concluded that an app adds X-factor to your business and help your business reach a bigger audience by retaining customers too.

So, if you already have a dynamic online presence and want to complement it with an interactive mobile app, simply align with the best mobile app development companies in Dubai and increase your chance of securing a high ROI.

How Mobile Skills Dominate The Future IT Industry?

Web development is no longer number 1 trend with a bottleneck competition from other digitals trends making a way in the race.

A report from Experis suggests that mobile skills are presently the most dominating and in-demand skill for businesses looking to hire in the industry. Back in 2017, mobile roles accounted for 28 per cent of all IT-related adverts in the region of the UK, making it the most popular job type in the industry. This uplift has grown into a tremendous storm with surpassing web development, which was previously placed at the top-most position.

Despite the growth in the number of firms looking to hire dedicated developers teams for their project, there is a missing piece of the puzzle. As more and more business look to hire the right talent for their firms, still get disheartened not to find the one that’s ideal for their requirements. Though mobile app development is growing across the tech industry, the outcomes personify that there is a real gap between the increasing demand for the developer’s role and hiring of the right talent.

So, if you are from the development landscape, hone your skills for a brighter tomorrow.

How Engineers Get Benefit From Mobile Apps?

Engineers are the firm foundation of the technology and development arena. Whether it’s developing an establishment or writing the lines of codes, an engineer is imperative.

So, how can the engineering spectrum be left untouched from reaping the tremendous benefits mobile app proffer?

Improvement of any process or structure takes time and effort, but finally, it’s a success. All this is made possible with the inception of apps like AutoCAD, and etc. that are designed specifically for the mobile version that makes beginners and engineers save their time of work with the desktop. Even, architects work with digital apps to streamline their work based on Augmented reality.

Simultaneously, a leading mobile app development company works with the latest technology to create apps that enhance the students to learn engineering with more zeal and interactive way.

There is numerous app available in the play store that counts to your success in engineering to prepare notes, share, work and learn, and the list goes on. Each of the features is a response for minimizing the effort and time taken to access and complete the process. The technology of Machine Learning holds immense potential for the profession of research in terms of Agriculture and piping. Several apps have been created to track the cycle of species for the agro sector. At the same time, for piping, researchers keep ongoing to find new ways to improve the layout without compromising on the safety parameters.

All in all, the core function of this technology and apps is to collect the information for testing purposes and find new ways out.

The Final Words… “Time bends the throttle. Trends punch the clock and trends go wane. Same holds true for technologies. New technologies make in. Some become norms, while some turn obsolete. But mobile app development stays.”

And, Xicom is here to help you stay longer.

As already mentioned, mobile app development space is advancing more and more with the speed of innovation; it’s vital to abreast the competitive edge to stay in the business world. And, our developers are ready to offer you a reliable hand to come up with brilliant idea and apps that can turn the odds to your favour.

So, if you don’t want to be the part of the end, make up your mind, get your Free Project Discussion and go digital. Because in the near time there would be no profession untouched from digitalization.

Originally published at https://www.xicom.ae on July 7, 2020.




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