Why You Must Use ReactJS in Development and What Are The Benefits You Will Get From it

Use of ReactJS in Development And Its Benefits

In the recent era where technology is booming, every web app development company wants to offer the best and unique solution to its clients. Because of this, the use of the frontend framework is increasing. Though there are a lot of frontend frameworks available in the market, nothing can beat ReactJs. It is the most popular framework amongst the app development companies and offers the best features.

In this blog, we will learn more about ReactJs and know the reasons behind its popularity.

What is ReactJs?

ReactJs is a well-known open-source JavaScript library that enables the developers to create high-responsive UI. Its component-based architecture offers efficient solutions for creating scalable front-end for the web as well as mobile applications. The primary focus of ReactJs is to develop appealing and interactive solutions with minimum coding efforts.

Some of the popular applications that use ReactJs are -

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Netflix
  • Discovery VR
  • New York Times

Features of ReactJs

Some of the top features of ReactJs that makes it popular amongst the techies are -

1. JavaScript XML

JavaScript XML is also known as JSX. It is a markup syntax just like HTML. The JavaScript XML is used to describe the look and feel of the app’s user interface. JSX is one of the best ReactJs features that helps ReactJS developers to create React components that are identical to the HTML ones.

JavaScript XML makes creating blocks of ReactJs simple and effortless for the ReactJS app development companies.

2. Virtual DOM

Virtual DOM is a characteristic that offers flexibility and speed in the ReactJs app development process. It has a memory reconciliation algorithm that allows React to create a copy of the web page in its virtual memory. This makes the virtual DOM represent the original DOM.

When there is any type of modification or change in the web pages, one can observe the re-rendering of the user interface by virtual DOM. Besides this, when it comes to virtual DOM representation, the components that have observed changes can be updated.

3. React Native

React Native nothing but a custom renderer of ReactJS technology. It uses native components to create robust and user-friendly applications. To work with React Native, the ReactJs developers will have to learn everything about ReactJs like components, props, JSX, and state. After acquiring knowledge about ReactJs, the developers will have to study native components.

In addition to this, React Native has the capability to convert the React code and make it compatible with both iOS & Android platforms. It also offers Native features for both these platforms.

4. Declarative User Interface

ReactJs is one of the best technologies when it comes to developing engaging and interactive UI for web and mobile apps. ReactJs appropriately renders the right components and updates them in the data modification event. It also enables the ReactJs development services providers to create simple views for various applications.

The declarative UI feature of ReactJs is the reason behind the code being simpler and readable.

5. One-way Data Binding

The main reason behind app development companies choosing ReactJs for their projects is that it offers a one-way data flow method. This means that the ReactJs developers cannot make any changes in the component directly. If they want to make any kind of changes, they will have to use the callback function for it. This entire process is known as one-way binding.

6. Component-based Architecture

ReactJs follows component-based architecture. This means that the user interface of the React web and mobile apps is divided into several components. Each of these components has its own logic that can be written in JavaScript. This enables the developers to pass the data into the app without affecting its DOM

Why Use ReactJs for Your Next Application Development Project?

ReactJs is a very popular JavaScript technology by Facebook. It offers features like JSX, virtual DOM, one-way data binding, and more. With ReactJs, the developers can avoid working on the entire web application and can break down complex UI into smaller components to make the development process easy. This is the main reason that developers prefer to work with ReactJs. To have a more precise and clear understanding of why to use ReactJs in development, we will go through some of the top reasons.

1. Simplicity

Simplicity is the aspect that makes more and more people use ReactJs. As it is a JavaScript library, the developers who have knowledge of JavaScript functions can easily work with ReactJs. Using it, the developers can define an interface with JSX. Besides this, ReactJs being a simple technology benefits the businesses.

2. Reusable Elements

With ReactJs, the developers can reuse the components starting from the smaller components like checkbox, button, dropbox, and more. If the components are generic and do not have complex logic, reusing them becomes very easy. Besides this, by using the ReactJs framework, the developers can easily create classes and use them.

3. Speed & Efficiency

ReactJs is popular for its speed and efficiency. It enables the developers to use separate parts of the application on both server and client-side. In other words, different ReactJs developers or teams can create different parts of the application. If any changes are made in one particular part, it won’t affect the logic of the application.

In addition to this, it allows the ReactJs development team to create clean codes and break the app into different components.

4. Popular Amongst Developers

ReactJs is one of the most popular libraries amongst JavaScript developers. The reason behind it is that ReactJs is a stronger framework that has the capability to break down the complex UI into smaller parts. With such features, more and more developers are moving towards ReactJs for their next projects.

5. Easy to Update Components

With ReactJs, the developers can instantly iterate any element and modify the components. After the developers define the logic behind each component, it’s time for display elements.

6. Best Toolset

ReactJs offers the best feature-rich ecosystem that has tools like Redux and Flux. It also gets back-end support from Node.js. This combination helps in taking the performance of the app to a next level. Besides this, ReactJs also has Chrome developer tools and React to developer tools in it.

What are the Benefits of Using ReactJs in Your Next Project?

ReactJs app development is clearly the present and the future of frontend development. It has so much to offer. Let us see some of the benefits of ReactJs.

1. Easy to Use & Learn

When we compare ReactJs with other JavaScript frameworks, it looks simpler and easier to learn. ReactJs is a user-friendly JavaScript documentation that every developer can easily understand. In addition to this, ReactJs is a technology that uses a component-based approach which makes app and website development an easy task. This also lowers the app development cost.

2. SEO-Friendly

Every business owner wants his website to rank high in the Google search engine. Hence, they prefer to have a ReactJs application as it can help in increasing visibility. ReactJs is a framework that offers faster performance. This means it reduces the page loading speed and improves the ranking of the website or app.

3. Increase Productivity

When the app has complex logic and change in one component can affect the other components then the frequent updates become tedious. But, when it comes to ReactJs the case is completely different. It offers a lot of features that enable the ReactJs developers to create apps that provide intuitive UI.

4. Stability

ReactJs offers downward data flow which is more stable and changes in its child structure don’t affect the parent structure. Therefore, ReactJs developers only modify the state and make amendments to the object. Here, the development structure ensures the stability of the code and also delivers the best performing application.

5. Strong Community Support

When it comes to ReactJs, everyone knows that it has a large community of developers who offers accurate solutions to the ReactJs development companies. The experts of the ReactJs community upload free videos on platforms like YouTube. These videos give an in-depth knowledge about the technology and its usage. It is one of the best frontend technology communities.

6. Redux & Flux Architecture

The majority of web applications use Flux architecture. It has action creators that can help the ReactJs development teams to create action form method parameters. It also handles the libraries of the action form method. On the other hand, Redux is the next level version of Flux Architecture. It comes with more unique features.


After having a look at the reasons why one must consider using ReactJs in development and its benefits, we can say that this technology is here to stay for a longer period of time. The Virtual DOM feature of ReactJs offers user-friendliness to the application. Besides this, it is a framework that can give maximum ROI. Hence, it is the best framework for creating high-end applications. Hence, there is no better option than ReactJs for an out-of-the-box enterprise solution.




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