List of the Best Apps & Websites to Stay Safe in Hurricanes

The recent Hurricane in Florida showed how disastrous natural calamities can be leaving no choice to us other than wait for it to be normal. It is true that humans can’t do anything against natural calamities. But, what we can do the best is to prepare safety measures in advance. Hurricane Irma offered an example of how mobile apps can play an effective role at the time of emergence.

Zello is one such app that helped Hurricane stuck people in Florida to establish their connection with the outside world. It was because of the application that people remained connected with each other. Here is a list of such applications people can use while they are stuck in Hurricanes.

List of Best Apps for Tracking Hurricanes

Here are a few apps that are handy for people in order to remain safe during Hurricanes:

Hurricane Tracker

The app is one reliable to track hurricanes. Hurricane Tracker uses National Hurricane Center (NHC) data in order to transfer audio briefing. The app gives the real time broadcast making it easier for the users to remain updated with the latest developments. Customizing the application gives message alert access to the users. There is a Model Watch feature that uses predictive analysis in order to provide hurricane related updates. Moreover, the app can be downloaded at a cost of $4/app.


The app offers insightful meteorological information to the users. AccuWeather map categorizes globe into five distinctive regions. Once users select a particular area, the app shows a series of comprehensive detail through including metrics such as wind speed, location, and directional movement through two column grid-based table. AccuWeather is available to download for free.

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