Meet Blaise: Simple, Sleek & Secure Pascal Wallet — Public Beta now Available for iOS and Android

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4 min readJul 20, 2019


Blaise is a next-generation wallet for the Pascal cryptocurrency. Pascal is infinitely scalable, decentralized, and offers many advanced features. Pascal is capable of zero-fee, instant transactions, storing data on-chain, smart contracts, and more.

Meet with Blaise: Simple, Sleek & Secure Pascal Wallet

What is Blaise?

Blaise is an all-new wallet developed with Google’s Flutter framework. It is being developed as part of the Pascal Improvement Proposal (PIP) #31. The goal has been to create an intuitive, secure wallet that supports both the essential and advanced features the Pascal blockchain is capable of.

Send & Receive Pascal, Manage Your Operations

The Technology Behind the Blaise Wallet

We developed Blaise Wallet using the latest in mobile application frameworks, Flutter. Flutter applications are developed using the Dart programming language.

The first technological hurdle was to develop an offline-signing library that would allow the app to sign and create operations completely on the device itself, this results in private keys never being sent to the server. The library we developed is called pascaldart — it implements signing, encryption including ecies encryption for payloads, JSON-RPC, and more. It is available publicly here and is also on Github.

Another major consideration when dealing with private-key security is storage of the private key. The private key needs to be stored securely on the user’s device — we use the native Android KeyStore, and the iOS KeyChain for secure key storage.

For the application state we are using mobx. This is a reactive state management system that efficiently maintains the entire state of the application and all of the user’s accounts.

User Interface & Experience

Pascal has a feature rich protocol with a lot of different capabilities. We tried to highlight these features without overwhelming new users. We created a simple & friendly interface that can suit both new users and enthusiasts alike. We made various custom animations and illustrations to create an easily understandable and enjoyable experience for everyone.

We also developed various different features that would make operation of the wallet faster while feeling familiar to users with different levels of knowledge about the Pascal protocol, such as the contacts feature.

With contacts, sending & receiving Pascal is easier and more secure

At Appditto we pride ourselves on using the latest, most innovative technologies in order to provide not only the best product possible — but also the best user experience. Today we’re ready to share Blaise with the public — Blaise is now available for open beta testing on iOS TestFlight and on the Google Play Store for Android users.

How do I try Blaise?

Blaise Dark Mode

Anyone can sign up for the beta as long as they have an iPhone with iOS 10 or newer or an Android device with Android 4.4 or newer.

Android Users — Sign up by clicking here!

iOS Users — Sign up by clicking here!

What’s Next?

There’s a lot of work to be done still — including translations, currency conversions, easy account acquisition, and a web-socket service that will push new transactions as well as allow for push notifications.

Pascal accounts are acquired by mining, unlike traditional cryptocurrencies. Users need to acquire one before they can interact with the Pascal network. Our primary focus is streamlining this experience and making it as easy for users as possible.

We’ll be pushing updates in the coming weeks introducing these new features and improvements, you can follow our progress on the Pascal Discord, in the channel #pip-0031c.

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