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Computer Vision AI Startups

Computer Vision startups are already making a big impact on the world. The advances in AI for computer vision can be attributed to the scale of available imagery and its processing power. They are at the forefront of the AI revolution and one of the most exciting areas to watch.

AI making education more faster, reliable and convenient with its advanced system for future Generation

Leading AI Startups in Educational Sector-2021

AI has changed the delivery, approach, and stylization of the education sector around the globe with relevant innovations.AI Helps to fill gaps in learning and teaching by allowing schools and teachers to do more than ever before.

The Force that will drive to Success

5 Finance AI startups to watch for in 2021.

The Finance Sector is one of the major sectors that gets to experience the implementation of AI. Today there are many Finance based AI startups, working on the technology to help deliver a smooth and personalized experience.

Sentimental Analysis helps in quickly analyzing the numerous amount of data.

Since Artificial Intelligence and its advanced technologies have started influencing different sectors. A lot of research work is taking place for developing different tools that can evolve Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning more stronger. And Sentiment Analysis is one…

Multilayer Perceptron is an extremely useful technique for research in Machine Learning.

Multilayer Perceptron in Machine Learning also known as -MLP. It is widely known as a feedforward Artificial Neural Network. When Multilayer Perceptrons have a single-layer neural network they are informally also referred to as vanilla neural networks. They…

AI Healthcare Companies

Artificial Intelligence is going to be a game-changer in the health care sector. With its advanced technology and algorithms, there is definitely a wide scope of growth of AI in the health care sector with endless opportunities. …

AI-enabled HR Startups

Most sectors, including human resources, have been disrupted by technology. Hiring nowadays is very different from hiring in the past. With a flexible work ethic, business dynamics are also changing quickly. …

RBFNN is one of the useful functions of Machine Learning.

Radial Basis Function Neural Network is an Artificial Neural Network that prefers using radial basis functions as operational functions. The output which is received through this function is an amalgamation of the radial basis function of the inputs and the…

GANs is one of the helpful techniques from Machine Learning related to photo editing.

A Generative Adversarial Network also known as — GAN is a group of Machine Learning. It was designed by Ian Goodfellow and his colleagues in 2014. Initially, they were put forward as a generative model for…

Top 20 AI Logistics Companies in 2021

Each year, artificial intelligence (AI) adoption levels have risen, with businesses such as supply chain management and logistics taking the lead in the AI race. With cognitive automation, AI plays a critical role in saving time, lowering expenses, enhancing productivity, and improving accuracy.

So, when it comes to AI, it’s…

World’s Most Promising AI/ML Startups

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