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Graphs Compiled with AI Make-up a Perfect Team

Graph theory with AI helps businesses in embedding and correlating data to grow faster.

Graphs are an amalgamation of data represented in the structured form with the help of vertices and edges. where vertices are a vertex of the graph also known as points, nodes, or just is possible to have a vertex joined itself by an edge such an edge is called a loop. we can also add new nodes, subgroups, labels to the existing graph without disturbing its initial queries and functions.

As graphs are extremely useful while expressing the data model. that’s why they are becoming extremely popular with artificial intelligence for analyzing data. to understand it first let us take a look at the graph model and its relation with practical situations.

Let us see a simple example in which a graph will provide a mathematical representation. While planning for a network of electricity lines and poles. we need to understand networks’ vulnerability to accidental disruption. we also need to identify those lines that must stay in service to avoid disconnection of the network.

From the above graph, we can say that just by the removal of a single line the network won’t get disconnected but by removal of two lines 4 and 5 it will get disconnected. because we know that the network at poles is more vulnerable.since there is a single vertex “d”whose removal will disconnect the network.

Here what we saw was a basic graph and its mathematical representation. but we can apply graph theory in the modern form of the graph database.

Graph theory algorithms and analytical procedures are not very complex. they can be easily embedded with the different businesses for their search or correlating helps these businesses to move fast with the fast-moving market for its growth. as there is numerous amount of data that is available but with the help of graph theory algorithms and analytical procedure they can easily concentrate on their specifications and derive exact results and understand the reason. That too in less time thus helping them to grow. Thus graph algorithms with AI and can be extremely fruitful in application 0f business like logistics, social networking, business related to finance to understand their market economics.




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