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Few projects related to Machine Learning just to understand the concept

Artificial Intelligence and its algorithms have created a buzz all over the world. But said so they are proving to be extremely beneficial for organizations. Machine Learning and Deep Learning are working as the support system of Artificial Intelligence helping it to grow. Hence many AI Startups are also benefiting from these advanced technologies. Today we shall be looking into few Machine Learning Project ideas that can be helpful for those who are interested in leveraging their skills in Machine Learning.

Machine Learning Projects to look out for

  • Fake News Detection

In today’s world of the internet, it’s extremely important to understand what’s fake and what’s reals are everything as everything that is on the web can spread in seconds. And this can be made simple and easy with help of Natural Language Toolkit confirmation due to its potential and availability of different methods in text processing.

  • Prediction of Sales

This project can be extremely useful for stories as they can predict the goods that can be helpful for them to increase their sales. For this one needs to understand the daily number of sales of the store and also are attributes. These data sets can be available.

  • Stock market Prediction

The stock market is an extremely unpredictable place and the prices of stocks are based on the abundance of different factors. Due to which keeping track of the number of stocks at a time to gain profit can be a tedious task. And this can be done simply with the help of a machine learning model for which time series analysis concepts are taking into consideration. As the main aim of the model is to predict the future cost of the stock.

  • Medical-related projects like early-stage Cancer Prediction

This could be an extremely useful and productive project related to the early stage of cancer prediction. By applying Machine Learning algorithms Support Vector Machines (SVMs) and Artificial Neural Networks (ANN).

  • Sentiment Analysis

This could be an extremely interesting project as one has to predict someone’s sentiment or emotion with the help of Machine learning algorithms like, Navies Bayes, Decision Tree, Python, and also the Natural Language Processing toolkit.

Hence we can conclude that whoever is interested in exploring these fields they have a vast scope to that and leverage their knowledge in this sector. In this blog, we have just looked at a few of them.



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