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Top Security Features Mobile Developer should Aware


Setting aside the core development tasks, security management is now new vibrant anxiety for app developers. The legend iOS has done a perfect job always with the least possible space for hackers to breach into whereas Android somehow left behind in security Optimization race. Around 60% of the internet services are made through smartphones so it has become necessary to secure the data resting over the mobile and data transacting back and forth. They are many security measures, which a good mobile app development company follows while building an app.

The common security measures being followed by developers are:

  • Writing secure code.
  • Data Encryption techniques
  • Safe use of library
  • Authorized API development and integration
  • High level of authentication
  • Privilege management
  • Secure with cryptography

Without delving deeper into the details of each common practice mentioned above we will here summarize the concept behind every measure and find some more effective treatments.

  • The code is the most vulnerable target for hackers. Developers are needed to write the clean and avoid the malicious code from the application. To avoid the risks, secure code is essential which is not easy to break and can be patched up easily within an Agile environment. Hackers re-engineer the code and use it in a bad way. Any Android app development company good pay sincere heed to this.
  • Encryption is the key to secure transacting data. A long-used technique for coding the data in an incomprehensible format so that it could not be deferred even if broken or breached in between. Alongside app development always, need external libraries, which are sometimes not hacked proof and can contain the malicious code. Before importing the library, it is recommended to first test it.
  • Use of authorized APIs, are highly recommended as a hacker may use your data for fake privileges. Apart from this hard security authentication are essential where the multi Factor authentication can also be integrated using a one-time password and other similar methods. If you hire an app developer, you must mention this requirement to him.
  • Having a log of code changes helps you stay away from the malicious code being put in the original code. The triggers used to notify you whenever the code change or modification has been done significantly reduces the chance of an app being cracked. Further necessary is to limit the privileges.
  • From the developers’ point of view, session handling is also an important factor. Because the session period is longer in mobile applications which gives time for the intrusion. iPhone has a capable mechanism to avoid the insecurity you can hire iPhone app developers, get a robust and secure iOS app.

Secure Android app development:

Above are some general app development practices to be strictly followed during the app development. Whenever you hire app developer these generic criteria need to be matched up. Android app development is a matter of constant research for enabling optimum security. Android offers some building features that mitigate the premature attack and offer significantly secured app development environment. The system is designed in such a way that allows the secure app development. The core security features are:

  • Android application sandbox: it separates the app data from the code execution.
  • Android offers a secure application platform with common security implementation such as IPC, and Cryptography permission.
  • Android helps in handling the common memory managing errors with features such as ASLR, ProPolice, NX, OpenBSD dlmalloc, OpenBSD Calloc, Safe_iop, and Linux mmap_min_addr.
  • Android enables/disables the user granted permission for restricted access to system features and data.
  • An Android app development company must be aware of integrating The Best security practices for app development where general coding habits mitigate the likelihood of unwanted attacks.

Few best practices for Android app development:

A secure app earns you trust and integrity from your customers. An app with malicious code f less frequent bug fixes is likely to get fewer users despite the huge marketing effort the companies put. Here are some best practices for mobile app developers.

  • Putting efforts to secure the data transacting between your app and other App protect the app’s integrity. It also ensures too long to stay over the user’s mobile device.
  • Show app chooser. An implicit intent calls and action performed instead of an Android component. The interaction strategy transfers sensitive information securely to a trustworthy app.
  • The data transaction between two apps that you own, must use the signature-based permission. It does not ask for user’s permission, rather checks if the app receiving the data is signed with the same key. This way the communication is more streamlined and Secure with the best User experience.
  • You should explicitly disallow access to Android content provider unless you want The Other app, which you do not own, to communicate with your app.
  • Network security improved suggestions if you hire app developers:
  • If your app communicates with web server SSL, security gives an advanced secure communication. If your web server has been offered the certificate by a certified authority then it is too easy to create HTTPS request.
  • If your web server uses the custom certified authority, you can simply declare in a configuration file, without making any modification in the app code.
  • Your app must provide the minimum level of permission, strictly needed to function properly. Alongside the permissions must be relinquished quickly if they are of no use.
  • Another option is to load only white list objects in a web view. In Simple words, it can be said the Web View in your App should not allow the websites, which are not in your control.
  • The most significant attention not prepared over the transaction of data to one app from another.
  • Allow read-only or write-only permission if it is needed.
  • Allow only access to data.
  • While communicating you must use “content: //” URLs instead of “file://” URIs with the help of file provider.


The data is an essential part of any system. It must be kept secure and safe while avoiding the probable risks imposed by hackers or development mistakes. When you hire iPhone app developers, iOS has a great level of security and secure development mechanism to ensure the seamless functioning app with almost impenetrable fixes. Whereas an Android app development company should stay cautious and validate the data while transacting from external storage. Not all security patches can be discussed at a single stretch; therefore, I will recommend you to hire a renowned mobile app development company robust and secure application. Wish you happy development hours!

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