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Aspiring global campus talents, exploring new AI frontiers

Huawei will hold the DIGIX Global AI Challenge 2020, offering student algorithm enthusiasts the opportunity to explore uncharted territories, in the wake of groundbreaking advances in AI and smart device technology, to assist in the construction of a fully-connected, ubiquitously-intelligent world.

  • Teams of university students invited to compete in the ultimate global AI and algorithm contest
  • USD $158,000 prize pot includes $30,000 for First prize, $15,000 for Second prize and $10,000 for Third prize, $2,000 for honorable mention.
  • Invaluable learning opportunities from international AI and algorithm experts forming the judging panel.

University students from across the world are being invited to put their AI algorithm skills to the test on a global stage at the 2020 DIGIX GLOBAL AI CHALLENGE, launching on 8th July.

The global rollout of the contest by Huawei will see teams of university students explore and create solutions to challenges facing the AI industry, deciding the next generation of experts in AI and algorithm.

Commenting on the launch, Zhang Ping’an, President of Consumer Cloud Service, Huawei Consumer Business Group said: “With millions of talented developers already creating for the HMS Ecosystem, we want to nurture the talent of the future to ensure the incredible innovation in AI continues. The challenges set in the contest are linked to daily life, and the student competitors will be able to join us on our journey to create a fully connected, intelligent world.”

Participating teams will firstly be divided to compete in one or two competition tracks, Machine Learning or Computer Vision, and the preliminary round will see Competition Results submitted by the global participants ranked in real time. The highest scoring 15 teams from each track will then come together for an exciting elite final, where the finalists will be constantly optimizing the algorithm in a sprint to the finish line — putting the winning teams firmly on the map as the future experts in the field.

Prizes and further benefits of the contest include:

  • Learning opportunities from leading AI and algorithm experts and centers from across the world as the jury of the competition
  • Global promotion opportunities for the winning teams
  • The chance to kick start their career in the world of AI and data as part of Huawei Shining-Star Program.
  • USD $158,000 prize pot includes $30,000 for first place, $15,000 for second place and $10,000 for third place, $2,000 for honorable mention.

To celebrate the Opening Ceremony of 2020 DIGIX AI GLOBAL CHALLENGE, Huawei hosted a live virtual event on Wednesday 8th July at 9:00am UTC+1 to showcase what’s in store for participating student teams, and welcome guest lectures from institutes and AI experts across the world. Almost 20 global AI and algorithm professors have been invited to be the jury of the contest, providing professional guidance for participants.

Expert Consultant including Zhi-Hua Zhou, Professor at Nanjing University, Foreign member of the Academy of Europe, Pascal Van Hentenryck, Professor at Georgia Institute of Technology, Program Co-Chair of AAAI 2019 and Giuseppe De Giacomo, Professor at Univ. Roma “La Sapienza”, Program Chair of ECAI 2020.

How to take part

To enter, participants will need to register as HUAWEI Developers via the website, and sign up as an individual or as a team of up to three members via the 2020 DIGIX GLOBAL AI CHALLENGE website, by 20th September 2020.

The competition will consist of two stages:

  • Registration & preliminary round (July 8th-September 20th): teams will be participated in one or two competition tracks.
  • Elite Final (late October): top 15 teams from each of the preliminary competition tracks will qualify for the final round, where AI experts from across the world will participate in the review.



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