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App Release Part-1: Upload your app to AppGalleryConnect in just 4 steps

In this article, we will launch our application on AppGallery connect portal. This article will provide a simple and easy approach to upload your application on the app gallery connect portal.

This article belongs to a new series of App release in which we will cover the following points which relate to app release.

These are the following aspects of app release:

1. App Release on App Gallery Connect.

2. App Release by Phase.

3. Early access to App Release.

4. Preorder of App Release.

Step 1:

· We need to keep ready at least one app’s sample for publish on app gallery connect. I have already created app sample for this process.

· We must have a minimum of 3 and 8 maximum screenshots and our application.

· We must have app icon for our sample application.


Upload 3 to 8 JPG, JPEG, or PNG screenshots, each with a size up to 5 MB.

The length of the screenshot sides must range from 320 to 3840 pixels, and the aspect ratio must range from 1:2 to 2:1.

You are advised to upload images with a resolution of 800 x 450 px or 450 x 800 px to ensure optimal user experience.

· Sample’s screenshots:

· Sample’s app Icon:

Step 2: Create a release build of our sample:

1. Navigate to Build > Generate Signed Bundle/APK

2. Select APK and click Next.

3. We need to create new key store or we can choose existing.

Provide Key store path with password, enter Key alias and Key password, then click Next.

4. Select release in Build Variants, click versions in Signature Versions, and then click Finish.

5. The following dialog box will display after a successfully generated release build. Click on locate text to explore your release build apk.

6. Now we have finally release build to upload on AppGallery Connect portal.

Step 3: Create an app on App Gallery Portal

1. Navigate to AppGallery Connect > MyApps

2. Create New app in AppGalleryConnect.

3. We have our app as “MyTVShow” Now provide your app information which is mandatory by AppGalleryConnect.

4. Provide details in Language, Name, and Introduction in the Localization tab.

5. Upload App icon followed by AppGalleryConnect’s rules and policy.

6. Upload App screenshots followed by AppGalleryConnect’s rules and policy.

7. Provide the Categorization with level1 and level2 category in App category.

Step 4: Upload release build apk

1. Navigate to Verison Information and provide the following details.

Select Countries/Regions and click Software packages to upload release build apk.

2. Select the Payment type in the Payment Information tab.

Select Apply Ratings in the Content Rating tab.

3. Select build and if you already uploaded or upload new build.

4. Clicking plus button and upload release build apk.

5. After successfully uploaded build on the portal, then click Submit.

6. Click Confirm.

7. After confirmation, your app will be under review process which is followed by AppGalleryConncet’s rules and Policy.

8. After 2 days of review, our app has approved.

Please install the app link below:

Please refer part 2 of this series:

If you have any doubts or queries. Please leave your valuable comment in the comment section and don’t forget to like and follow me.



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