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How to release Apps in China based HUAWEI AppGallery?

How to lauch app in china?

how to lauch app in china

With China’s booming mobile app market continuing to see rapid expansion, more and more overseas developers plan to enter China’s mobile app market. Huawei AppGallery has become the world’s third-largest mobile app store, with over 400 million AMU and is available in 170 countries. The release of apps at Huawei AppGallery is an important step for many overseas developers to enter China. Here is the complete guide to releasing on Huawei AppGallery:

Ø Preparations for the Release on AppGallery in China

1. Survey the application market in China to get an insight into the app;

China is widely considered to be the first ‘mobile-first’ society in the world, and the application environment in China is very different from that outside China. For example, Google is not available in China and Android to take great dominance in the app market. Therefore, it is necessary for overseas developers to understand the Chinese market, including market share, advantageous industries, user habits, and operation growth. When release in AppGallery, you can refer to the “White Paper for Global App Development in China” to get a deep understanding.

2. Do the localization according to Chinese consumers’ habits;

Localization is not only translation but also changes in business models, docking with local social media platforms and even in the style and background of game characters in order to adapt to the Chinese market. Because Chinese is the most used language in China, so finding a local team to do translation work is something that many developers should consider. For releasing in AppGallery, Huawei’ team will help the developer optimize the Chinese introduction of the application together

3. Complete HMS integration to support the IAP or joint operations

HMS Core offers a rich array of open device and cloud capabilities, which facilitate efficient development, fast growth, and flexible monetization. Integrating the HMS Core can make it easier to use your apps and can access more capabilities to distribute your apps.

Ø The process of releasing on AppGallery in China

1. Registering a HUAWEI ID;

Registering an account is the first step for releasing an application, please refer to this link to register:

2. Releasing an App based on the guides displayed

Before developing an app, you need to create it in AppGallery Connect, and here is a list of steps to publish an app:

Configuring App Information — Uploading the App Package — Configuring Payment Information — Configuring the Privacy Description and Policy — Configuring Copyright Information — Scheduling the App Release — Submitting Your App for Review

3. Apps are submitted for approval.

The reviewing can help your app conform to consumer habits, so before you submit your apps for public release, make sure the apps comply with the requirements in this document:

4. Update app versions to improve the app experience.

Many developers will improve their applications based on feedback from consumers, updating the version of an application can also be used to improve the retention rate of the app. If you have upgraded your app in AppGallery, you need to submit a new app version in AppGallery Connect for review.

Ø The operating applications of the app to get monetization

1. Promotion your app through a wealth of resource in AG;

AppGallery provides developers with rich support of resources, including app market resources, mobile resources, local marketing resources, joint operations, and revenue sharing. Please refer to the guide to get more information

2. Carry out joint transportation activities to monetize the app;

HUAWEI AppGallery cooperates with developers to operate apps and distribute them worldwide. It provides convenient development services and quality operations resources and carries out various marketing activities to drive use and transaction volume growth. If developers participate in Huawei’s joint operation and have further cooperation with Huawei, their apps will appear in these activities.




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